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Announcing Weiss' GLOBAL Bank Ratings ...

If you listen to some bank executives and scan the results of recent “stress tests,” you might be lulled into thinking everything in global banking is fine.

But, then the largest bank in our nation and a key global player, JP Morgan, announces its dramatic foul-up in derivative trading — a blunder that could cost the bank $4 billion, or more.

Now, it’s impossible to miss the big picture — the world’s financial system is in the midst of a monumental struggle to regain stability.

Yet the agencies that are supposed to give us accurate, unbiased information on these financial companies simply don’t. Instead there is a steady flow of soothing banter. It’s unconscionable that the world’s major credit ratings agencies are still telling us that everything is fine ...

That’s why we’ve released the first truly independent ratings on the world’s major financial companies ...

And why we want to give you IMMEDIATE ACCESS — so you can separate the tiny number of solid firms from the rest of the sinking ships. Even in this panic market, it should be possible to keep your money safe and go for potential profits.

Dear Reader,

We are the only rating agency that provides unbiased information. 

These conflicts of interest are unconscionable, especially when they have the potential to mislead the public.  

The good news is, here at Weiss Ratings, we’ve spent the past two decades generating truly INDEPENDENT ratings on 19,000 U.S banks, credit unions and insurance companies.

Our primary mission has always been to protect consumers and investors from financial risks — WITHOUT bias or conflicts of interest.

And because of our objectivity, we’ve been able to provide timely warnings to consumers and investors, time and time again.   

So, as we watch the crisis unfold for European banks, we are increasingly concerned. A key reason: European banks are HUGE relative to their home economies.

Look at it this way: The U.S. economy accounts for about one-fifth of global GDP, and total bank assets are roughly equal to our output — $14 trillion. In Europe, however, the banks are far larger: The EU economy is similar in size to ours — about $15 trillion — but its banks have almost THREE TIMES that many assets!

That may make it all but impossible for European countries to successfully bail out their banks without jeopardizing their own credit standing. Not a pretty picture.

So you can see why we’ve decided to expand our ratings methodology to overseas financial companies — we want you to have ACCURATE information to keep your money safe.

And, because these situations can often create huge profit opportunities for the few people who have the right information and can act quickly, we’ve teamed with our colleagues at Weiss Research to create a special report called Winners and Losers in the Great Global Banking Crisis of 2012-2013.

We explain, in great detail, why we believe a new global banking crisis is almost inevitable. But that’s just the beginning. It also gives you:

In short, we’ve partnered with our colleagues at Weiss Research to give you everything you need to get ahead of this rapidly evolving situation ... so you can be in the driver’s seat for a change.

And because we know how vital this information is, we wanted to give you every possible reason to claim your copy of this special report by offering you a copy for just $99, a whopping $200 off the regular cover price of $299.

Even the full cover price is more than fair, of course — especially when you consider the value of truly UNBIASED information about the world’s major banks.

And then you have to consider the profit potential involved with the specific recommendations in this report!

For example:

If one U.K.-based bank craters like we think it will, you could walk away with a tidy gain.

If a Spanish financial firm implodes as we think possible, our instructions could hand you a nice return.

If the third company we recommend plummets as we believe it will, you could walk away with another terrific gain.

And there are still the three virtually unknown foreign banks that we recommend BUYING, which could rise nicely even as the rest of the global financial sector struggles!

So, to ensure you receive all these recommendations — and the complete list of Weiss Global Bank Ratings — just call us toll-free at 800-291-8545 right now or simply click this link to go to our secure shopping cart.

Obviously, the decision is yours. But, we really do think you stand to benefit a great deal by securing your copy of Winners and Losers in the Great Global Banking Crisis of 2012-2013.

That’s why we encourage you not to wait ... because we are only extending this special discount for a limited time.

From everything we see, the financial crisis isn’t over ... not by a long shot.

So our report can make all the difference in keeping your portfolio safe as things unfold ... and there’s the potential to make some handsome profits, too.

Again, to order your copy right now just click here or call us toll-free at 800-291-8545.

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