The World’s Weakest Banks (by Asset Size)

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Deutsche Bank-RG

Weiss Financial Strength Rating:
D (Weak)
Headquarters: Germany
Ticker: DB

Germany’s Deutsche Bank, the largest bank in the world with total assets of $2.8 trillion as of December 31, 2011, is rated D (Weak) by Weiss due to its weak capital position and poor profitability.  Its low 1.8 percent tangible common equity ratio, a measure of capital, is just one-fifth the industry average of 8.4 percent.  In addition, Deutsche Bank earned a return on assets of only 0.1 percent, a fraction of the industry average of 0.9 percent.  Both figures suggest that the bank has a significantly higher probability of future financial difficulties.


In Winners and Losers in the Great Global Banking Crisis of 2012–2013, we partner with our sister company, Weiss Research, to combine the global bank ratings with recommendations from the editor of the Safe Money Report, Mike Larson.

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