Sovereign Debt Ratings

In April 2011, we launched the Sovereign Debt Ratings for the first time, utilizing the same principles that have enabled us to consistently warn our customers of troubled insurers and financial institutions for more than 20 years.   The Sovereign Debt Ratings are based on our quantitative rating model consisting of four indices—Debt Index, Stability Index, Macroeconomic Index, and Market Acceptance Index—evaluating 50 countries on the basis of their:

  • macroeconomic situation (GDP growth, inflation, unemployment)
  • reliance on debt
  • national reserves, status in the world as a reserve currency, and default history
  • capacity to borrow readily in the marketplace

These ratings provide investors Weiss’ view of the financial and fiscal condition of each country and an accurate picture of the risks associated with purchasing the debt securities of, or otherwise investing in, nations around the world.

Up to ten ratings are free to registered users at

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For more information about the Weiss Financial Strength Ratings and our products, contact our Customer Hotline at 1-877-934-7778.