Crisis Profit Trader

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We’re in a convergence of crises.

The force of these economic, market, geopolitical and financial events is unprecedented. So is the amount of profit opportunities they create.

Crisis Profit Trader aims to give investors the tools and trade ideas to hedge against — and build wealth throughout — today’s unusual uncertainty and volatility.

Editor Jon D. Markman puts his four-decade-long track record of finding winning options trades in five ways …

First, in a declining market, he targets the nation’s WORST stocks, as determined by our Weiss Stock Ratings. These are the kinds of stocks that, based on almost a century’s worth data (going back to 1929), are the ones likely to fall the most.

Second, on each stock, he selects the most liquid, most widely traded put options — investments designed to soar when stocks fall.

Third, he recommends buying these high-profit-potential put options on a market bounce, when they’re cheaper.

Fourth, when the stocks fall and the puts skyrocket in value, he looks to exit them for a sizable gain.

Fifth, when the market turns up, he looks to do the same with call options.

Jon also helps you target select stocks and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), complete with trailing stops and profit targets, that offer an island of stability amid the market storm.

No complicated trades. You just buy low and sell high.

If you follow the simple steps Jon recommends in this service, not only can you protect your wealth from the ravages of this crisis, but you can also use the crisis to build substantial wealth.

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About the Editor

Jon D. Markman and team are winners of the Pulitzer Prize and the Gerald Loeb Award. He helped introduce Microsoft’s StockScouter, the world’s first online stock-screening system. And in the early 2010s, Jon correctly predicted the four major tech megatrends — mobile computing, big data, AI and AVs — that now dominate the world.

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