The Most Important Crypto Question of Them All

Monday, February 19, 2018

Dear Investor,

I could not be more excited about the cryptocurrency debate happening right now on my blog!

Both sides of the aisle — crypto-enthusiast and crypto-skeptics alike — have argued their points rationally and passionately.

But today, I want to ask what may be the most important questions of all:

To the crypto-enthusiast:

What strategies do you use to manage your risk? And do you think the juice is worth the squeeze for crypto-novices to get involved, provided they have a sound risk management plan?

Please give me your answer here.

And to the crypto-skeptic:

What needs to happen for you to feel comfortable investing in cryptocurrencies?

Please give me your answer here.

As you will soon see, it’s very important I hear your answers to these questions.

Please take a moment or two of your time to click this link to head to my blog and give me your answers. While you’re there, I encourage you to join in the conversation with everyone else!

Best wishes,

Martin D. Weiss, Founder
with Senior Analyst Mike Larson

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