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Weiss Ratings Online Consumer Security Guide: Identifying and Dealing with Scams

The unfortunate presence of online scams is a challenge faced by individuals and organizations alike. For example, we have recently learned that bad actors have created fake Weiss Ratings websites that are purporting to be crypto trading platforms, and have proceeded to defraud and steal unsuspecting individuals’ money. Weiss Ratings wants everyone to be on notice that it DOES NOT operate any crypto trading platforms and that no one should interact with any “Weiss” websites that purport to be crypto trading platforms, as they are fake.

If someone has already fallen victim to one of these fake sites, Weiss Ratings recommends that they immediately contact law enforcement and file a complaint with the FBI via

Bad actors can also be found operating on social media and messaging platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Telegram. Here at Weiss Ratings, your safety is our top priority, so below we provide some useful information to guide you if you fall victim to a scam, particularly on those social media or messaging platforms.

Document Everything: The first and most important thing to do is to document all the interactions with the suspected scammer. This includes saving messages, comments, and any transaction details if money has been exchanged. It may prove useful for future investigations.

Report to Instagram: In cases where the scam has occurred on Instagram, you should report the account immediately. The steps on how to do this can be found on Instagram's help page:

Report to Facebook: In cases where the scam has occurred on Facebook, you should report the account immediately. The steps on how to do this can be found on Facebook's help page:

Report to Telegram: In cases where the scam has occurred on Telegram, you should report the account immediately. This can be done through the following Telegram link:

Reporting to Authorities: While it can be challenging to trace and identify the scammers due to their advanced evasion techniques, it is crucial to report the matter to the relevant authorities. This would include your local law enforcement officials, especially if financial loss has been incurred.

Legal Proceedings: Though it may be an uphill task, in some cases it could be possible to obtain a court order forcing the platforms to reveal the scammer's IP address information. This process, while complex, may help identify the scammer.

Contact Your Financial Institution: If a transaction has occurred, reporting the scam to your financial institution should be done immediately. They may be able to reverse the transaction, depending on how it was processed.

Report to Federal Trade Commission (FTC): Fraudulent activities can be reported to the FTC via their reporting page:

Report to the Internet Crime Complaint Center: As noted in the first paragraph above, similar reports can also be made to the Internet Crime Complaint Center:

Engage Professional Help: Certain companies specialize in tracking down fake accounts and assisting victims in getting compensation. For instance, Bosco Legal Services provides such assistance:

For future reference, please bear in mind the following:

By remaining vigilant and staying informed, you can protect yourself from scammers. If you have further questions or need additional assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] or (877) 934-7778 or visit our official social media accounts:

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