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100% independent ratings! More than 30,000 investment ratings for common stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and 15,000 safety ratings for banks, credit unions and insurance companies.

The Weiss Ratings are designed to help empower you to make decisions …

  • Without relying on Wall Street’s conflicted “advice”
  • Without dedicating your own time to studying the many fundamental or technical factors that can impact each investment, and
  • In full confidence that, for each and every investment, we’ve done all the research legwork for you, reviewing hundreds of factors with complete objectively.
  • Avoid companies vulnerable to a financial failure - in an event that could impact you despite any guarantees by the FDIC or insurance guarantee funds.
  • Find the truly safe institutions with the ability to survive and thrive even in the worst of times and even without relying on government guarantees.
  • Do all this in the knowledge that, unlike the ratings of other established agencies, the Weiss Ratings are never bought and paid for by very same companies that are being rated.
As a member of Weiss Ratings Platinum, you can …
  1. View or download a complete report on all the critical factors that go into a Weiss Rating.
  2. Directly compare all critical aspects of the particular investment or company you’re interested in with those of its competitors – or any others for that matter. If the comparison validates your choice, great. If not, you can use our tools to delve further. For example, you can …
  3. Directly compare your selection to the averages for its entire sector or industry. This will help tell you whether it’s truly a stellar performer or not.
  4. Use the Weiss Ratings Screener to search strictly for investments or companies that meet your needs. For example …
    • Let’s say you want to invest exclusively in stocks meriting a Weiss Investment Rating of A- (strong buy) or better that also pay a yearly dividend yield of at least 2%.
    • Or suppose you want to look at all stocks priced $10 or lower with a Weiss Stock Rating of B- (buy) or better.
    • Or all stocks with a market cap of $1 billion or more and a Weiss Stock Rating of no more than D+ (sell) that may good candidates for short-selling or the purchase of put options.
    • Let’s say you want to buy life insurance exclusively from companies with a Weiss Safety Rating of B+ or better and that’s registered to do business in your state.
    • Or you may want to look for banks rated A- or better that have at least $100 billion in deposits.
    • Or you may want a list of credit unions rated D+ or lower to avoid.

Each of these queries – and many, many more – are available with the Weiss Ratings Screener.

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