Go for Even Higher Yields With Level 2

Hello, Crypto Yield Hunter!

Up to now, I’ve covered how to go for high but tame for crypto yields near 8% by staking a stablecoin on a centralized platform with my Starter Level recommendation. If you missed it, go to this video page.

I also explained how you could go for up to 19.5% APY by staking stablecoins on the Anchor Protocol with my Level 1 recommendation. (See these videos.)

Now, or as soon as you’re ready, is a good time to step up to Level 2.

Before you begin, though, please be aware of three things:

First, all the deposits we’ve made so far are based exclusively on stablecoins — digital assets designed to hardly ever fluctuate in price.

But as we step up to Level 2 and beyond, our deposits will also involve variable-price coins. So, on top of the yield you can make, you also have the opportunity to make a profit if their values go up … or incur the risk of loss if their values go down.

Second, the yield is variable. A few weeks ago, it was 40.9%. Now it’s closer to 33%. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see it rise again to 40% or beyond.

No matter what, I will monitor the yield and the price action for you. If I feel there’s a need to make a change, I’ll let you know.

Third, consider carefully what portion of your Crypto Yield Hunter funds you want to invest. For example, if you’ve earmarked $100,000 for the opportunities I present to you here, how much should you allocate to each level?

Of course, the answer will depend on your personal risk tolerance. But for Dr. Weiss’s account, I am recommending that he reserve the bulk of his funds for the stablecoin deposits (Starter Level and Level 1), while allocating a significantly smaller percentage to Level 2.

So, for example, he may want to allocate:

  • $10,000 to the Starter Level

  • $60,000 to Level 1

  • $20,000 to Level 2

  • $10,000 to Level 3 (coming soon).

If you want to be more conservative, you could add more to Level 1.

If you want to be more aggressive, you could add more to Level 2.

But since Level 3 is not the primary goal of this service, I do not recommend allocating more than 10% of your Crypto Yield Hunter portfolio to Level 3 opportunities.

Level 2: Yields That Are Now Near 33%

One thing about Level 2 that helps reduce the risk is the fact that only half of the deposit goes into variable-price coins. The other half goes into in stablecoins.

That allows you to go for much higher yields ... while still keeping half of your principal protected from volatile price action.

Plus, as I said, with the increased risk on the half of your principal in a variable-price coin, you also get the potential for a capital gain if that asset grows as we anticipate it will.

The crypto pair I’ve chosen for your first Level 2 recommendation is:

  • Stablecoin: USD Coin (USDC)

  • Variable-price coin: Solana (SOL)

Solana is an Ethereum (ETH) competitor known for its fast and cheap transactions in comparison.

Perhaps you’re already familiar with SOL. My colleague, Juan Villaverde, recommended it to his Weiss Crypto Portfolio subscribers earlier in the year. They only held it in their portfolio for about four weeks, but in that time, SOL rose 122%.

Since then, SOL has continued to perform well, which is why it’s my choice for our first Level 2 trading pair.

Steps to Follow

To follow the Level 2 recommendations, you’ll need to make sure you’re set up properly, starting with ...

Step 1. If you haven’t done so already, open an account on a centralized exchange like Coinbase. We have a tutorial video just for that you can watch here.

A centralized exchange is a user-friendly way to securely purchase supported cryptos, which is why I suggest it as your first step.

(If you already have an account on Gemini, you may need a Coinbase account to purchase one of the cryptos that’s part of this strategy.)

Step 2. For this Level 2 recommendation, you’ll need to purchase SOL through a centralized exchange.

If you’re unfamiliar with how to buy cryptos on Coinbase, this video will guide you through the process.

Step 3. Set up a Phantom Wallet. If you followed our Level 1 recommendation, this will be similar to the process for setting up MetaMask.

Here is the full guide for setting up your Phantom Wallet.

Why are we using a different wallet for this level if we already have MetaMask?

Because Phantom and MetaMask operate on two different networks. Remember, MetaMask supports native tokens on the Ethereum network, while Phantom is on the Solana network.

Step 4. Transfer your SOL from your centralized exchange to your Phantom Wallet. Use this tutorial video to help you complete this step.

Step 5. Now, we finally get to making the deposit, or “staking,” as it’s called in crypto.

In order to go for yields near 33%, you’ll need to use the decentralized exchange (DEX) Orca, which promotes itself as “the easiest, fastest and most user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange on the Solana blockchain.”

Connect your Phantom wallet to Orca, then swap half your SOL into USDC to complete the trading pair.

Don’t worry, Orca makes this step easy, and, of course, we have a video guide to take you through this step, as well. 

Yes, I know this is quite a few steps, but almost all of them are for setup only. Once they’re done, you can make new deposits or withdraw your money with just a few clicks.

An important note about Level 2 strategies is that they require a bit more effort to maintain.  

Starter Level and Level 1 opportunities have yields that don’t fluctuate often. In Level 2, yields are more dynamic, and yield rewards are captured in Orca’s own native token, ORCA. This means your rewards are subject to price fluctuations.

To take the best advantage of the appreciation we foresee in Orca, you can periodically switch your ORCA rewards into a stablecoin.

This process is called “harvesting” your yield, and I explain how to do it at the end of this video. It’s not hard to do; it’s a press of a button, so you can do it as often as daily.

And since this strategy requires more attention, and I will send alerts and updates about our Level 2 strategies to ensure we’re targeting the best opportunities and mitigating risk where we can.


In the meantime, if you ever have any questions, or if you need any help at all with your membership, we have a dedicated Crypto Specialist Team ready to assist you. Simply call 877.934.7778 (overseas: +1 561.627.3300 from overseas) Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

They cannot give you investment advice tailored to your needs. But they will do their best to answer procedural questions you may have or forward your questions to me.

Yield hunting can be a complicated process, especially if this is your first foray into the exciting new world of decentralized finance (DeFi). But I believe the rewards are well worth it, and as you become more comfortable with the exchanges and wallets we recommend, you can look forward to even bigger yield options.

Until then, let your money work for you.



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