Your First Double-Digit Yield Opportunity

Yesterday, we gave you instructions on how to go for the yields of approximately 19.5% currently available on Anchor Protocol.

However, for those who have not seen some of the other video tutorials on our website, a few important steps may have been unclear. So, we have added more detailed instructions in this update.

See especially the yellow-highlighted text near the bottom of this report.


On Monday, I showed you a one-stop-shop approach to grab about 8%.

(That’s low-hanging fruit. So, if you missed it, I suggest you check it out now.)

Today, the goal is to step up to the next level ... and go for double-digit yields.

In this issue, I will give you all the steps. But don’t expect to get there all at once. It’s OK to do it one step at a time.

We will do it strictly with stablecoins, which, as you know, are designed to barely fluctuate at all in price.

And, as you know, that combination — high yield and near-zero price risk — simply does not exist in the traditional financial world.

What’s more, we’ll do it in a financial system that mandates 100%+ collateral to support the lending and borrowing.

In my opinion, it’s the best of all worlds: Super high yield and very low risk.

The one drawback: Setting up your accounts and wallets is not just a one- or two-click process. There are a lot of steps. And it can take some learning …

Which is why I’m here to help you …

Because the reward can be so large!

I think it’s worth every minute, and I’m confident you will agree.

Need a bit more time to catch up with Monday’s 8% yield opportunity? No worries! Take as many days as you need to watch our new video and follow through with the simple steps we outlined.

Otherwise, let’s get started …

Double-Digit Yields on the Anchor Protocol

One of the key reasons the double-digit yield opportunity requires more steps is this:

Major U.S. crypto exchanges are mostly connected to the Ethereum network.

But today’s opportunity is on the Terra network.

We like the Terra Network better because yields tend to be higher, and transaction fees are often significantly lower.

The platform we will use is the Anchor Protocol.

It’s a not a bank. Rather, it’s a mostly automated platform that performs some of the lending and borrowing functions that you might associate with a bank.

Instead of brick-and-mortar facilities with thousands of employees, it’s based on smart contracts — computer programs that execute transactions when predetermined conditions are met.

Indeed, it’s these smart contracts that make it possible for borrowing and lending on the blockchain to be secure and trustless.

Nothing in this world is perfect, of course. So, no one should think that all transactions are 100% flawless always and forever. That’s not possible in the traditional world of finance. It’s also not possible in decentralized finance.

But in the context of decentralized finance (DeFi), Anchor is very well established. It currently has $5.6 billion deposited in its smart contracts and — last I checked — was offering 19.54% annual interest on its stablecoin, TerraUSD (UST).

So THAT’s what I want to guide you to today: How to deposit UST on Anchor to go for yields in that range.

Follow These Steps …

Step 1. Open and fund an account on a centralized exchange.

Given that Gemini also offers UST, that’s my preference. Go here for the demo. (Coinbase is a good alternative for U.S. residents, and you can view that demo here. For non-U.S. residents, we recommend

Step 2. Open a Terra Station wallet.

This video tutorial is designed to guide you.

Step 3. Fund your Terra Station Wallet with UST.

Why UST? For two reasons:

1) As I said, that’s the asset to deposit, and ...

2) It’s also the asset to pay transaction fees on Anchor. Fortunately, unlike the fees on the Ethereum network, they should be relatively low. Figure about from $5 to $10 in UST.

Please be aware that funding your Terra Station Wallet is not automatic. It also takes a few steps to get there.

First, set up your MetaMask wallet. If you haven’t done that yet, see this video.

Second, buy UST on your centralized exchange account, then send it to your MetaMask wallet along with some ETH to cover current and future transaction fees.

If you’re using Coinbase, this tutorial should be helpful. (Note: This tutorial shows how to transfer Ethereum. For this purpose, however, the only Ethereum needed is about $100 to cover current and future transaction fees. The primary asset we will tranfer is UST. )

If you’re using Gemini, follow these steps.

Third, we have a small barrier to overcome. You see, the network that most exchanges (and users) are connected to is the Ethereum (ETH) network. That’s the network on which you bought your UST.

But the Ethereum network is often congested. So the transaction fees can be high. 

More importantly, the yields you can earn on another excellent network, Terra, are even better ... and should continue to be for some time. 

To transfer UST from the Ethereum network to the Terra network, follow this tutorial.

Step 4. Go for the 19.5% with Anchor Protocol.

This is DeFi at its best: Double-digit yields with virtually no market price risk that might affect your principal.

Indeed, as I’ve noted repeatedly, yields on the Anchor protocol have held steady in the 19% to 20% range since their launch in the spring of 2021.

So, if you prefer to take more time, that’s fine. I think these yields will continue to be available.

Moreover, once you have everything set up, you won’t have to repeat most of these steps again. And adding or withdrawing funds should be far simpler.

For the opportunity to earn double-digit yields without the kind of market risk associated with stocks and bonds, I think it’s absolutely worth it.

So, when you’re ready, follow this tutorial.

As with our Starter Level recommendations …

  • You can take out your earnings or draw down from your principal at any time, with no early-withdrawal penalty.
  • All instruments are fully collateralized, even over-collateralized.
  • There’s no middleman or broker taking out big profits or commissions. And compared to traditional financial institutions, the cost of the operations is virtually zero. (Key reasons why the yield is so high.)


Feel free to email us at [email protected] or call our Customer Care team at 1-877-934-7778. They cannot give you investment advice tailored to your needs. But they will do their best to answer procedural questions you may have or forward your questions to me.

I’m the first to say this is not like walking into your bank and opening a simple account. It’s different in many ways. And it’s more complicated.

But as you become more comfortable with the exchanges and wallets we recommend, let’s look forward to even bigger yield options.

In the meantime, let your money work for you.



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