Your First High Yield

In the traditional world of banking, nearly all institutions provide essentially the same consumer services in the same way. If you know one, you pretty much know them all.

Not so in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi)!

Sure, there are some “me-too” platforms. But DeFi is growing — and diversifying — so rapidly, even some crypto analysts often lose track.

Not me.

I explore dozens of different platforms, each with different kinds of yield opportunities.

I dig deep. And when I see an especially attractive opportunity that combines higher yield with lower risk, I dig even deeper. Then, I select strictly the ones that I feel are the best and sturdiest.

In the weeks ahead, I’ll introduce them to you, one at a time, recording a video tutorial for each.

And I’ll show you exactly what I’m doing in Dr. Weiss’s account, so you can follow along.

But starting right now, I want to make sure you have all the guidance you need in one place — to get started immediately with your first high-yield opportunity.  

So here’s what I’ve done …

First, I’ve found a friend who, like many of our subscribers, needs some more guidance.

His name his José, and he wants to get his account open without further ado.

Second, my colleague Alexander Benfield has volunteered to walk José through each of the steps via Zoom.

Third, Alex recorded the Zoom conference so you can watch it today. In it, you will see …

  • How to open a Gemini account.
  • How to fund your Gemini account.
  • How to purchase stablecoins.
  • How to deposit the stablecoins.

Before you move up to the next level, I recommend you get started with this one first.

Follow the steps in our video, and you should be able to earn almost 8% APY. That’s …

  • 28x the average yield on 5-year jumbo CDs

  • 53x the 1-year CD, and

  • 114x bank money market accounts

All without downloading and setting up wallets.

Without additional transfers.

Without any lock-up period.

And without the risk of a significant market price decline that might damage your principal.

Click here and the recording of Alex’s Zoom session with José should begin playing on your screen immediately.

Nothing fancy. But very straightforward.


Marko Grujic

P.S. Do you already have a Gemini account? If so, all the better! But if you have your account with another crypto exchange, a similar opportunity may not be available right on their website. Solution: Open an account with Gemini, too. Or follow the alternative instructions in our inaugural issue.

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