The Weiss Crypto Price Indexes allow investors and professionals to more accurately track the broad cryptocurrency marketplace and to more specifically segment the marketplace by various categories or sectors.

They aggregate real-time price data from most major exchanges on the more than 120 cryptocurrencies receiving a Weiss Crypto Rating. And they resolve two basic questions that have heretofore hindered development of benchmarks for the sector:

  1. Which coins should be selected for inclusion in the index?

The Weiss Crypto Price Indexes include strictly cryptocurrencies that meet minimal standards of technology and adoption, as determined by the Weiss Crypto Ratings.

Factors reviewed for technology include the capability of achieving speed and scalability, sophistication of monetary policy, governance capabilities, the ability or flexibility to improve code, energy efficiency, scaling interoperability with other blockchains and more.

Factors reviewed for adoption include real-world transaction speed and scalability, market penetration, network security, decentralization of block production, network capacity, developer participation, public acceptance, plus other key factors.

  1. How does one avoid Bitcoin dominance?

Due to Bitcoin’s large market cap, the price curve of cryptocurrency indexes currently in the marketplace are often virtually indistinguishable to that of Bitcoin’s, adding little additional value. The Weiss Crypto Indexes resolve this issue by (a) segmenting the marketplace into various categories that exclude Bitcoin, and (b) using a proprietary weighting formula.

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