Undiscovered Cryptos

The Weiss Ratings experts turned the crypto world upside down when they released the world’s first ratings of cryptocurrencies in 2018.

Now, they’ve done something that could be even bigger — introducing investors to the unique, rare cryptos that could be among the next generation of leaders .

These are cryptos that are still small and trading for pennies, but that could collectively create even more wealth than Bitcoin … and do so more rapidly.

That’s saying a lot. Because Bitcoin alone has helped create countless millionaires and even billionaires.

In fact, investors who bought just $100 when Bitcoin first traded publicly could have close to $100 million today.

Can they still make a fortune with Bitcoin in the years ahead? Yes.

But for the opportunity to build the kind of monumental wealth that early Bitcoin investors experienced, one needs to explore a sector of the crypto world that almost no one has ever heard of. That means zooming in on a small group of rare, undiscovered cryptocurrencies that are about to burst out of the digital shadows.

This is the focus of Undiscovered Cryptos, probably the only investment service in the world dedicated exclusively to helping investors find the cryptos that stand to create even more wealth than  Bitcoin has created since its inception.

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About the Editor

Dr. Ng was among the first to introduce decentralized finance (DeFi) to investors. He’s a space scientist with a degree from the International Space University, having interned both with NASA and the European Space Agency. Today, however, he dedicates his career to exploring the crypto space, applying the same kind of scientific discipline that has earned him several awards in physics.

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