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Many investors are losing out on potential profits from cryptocurrencies because they’re intimidated and confused by the language, concept and sheer number of them listed on unique platforms like CoinMarketCap.com and CoinGecko.com.

Bitcoin barely scratches the surface of this virtual landscape with 2,000 cryptocurrencies and growing.

And because cryptocurrencies are the only real-money alternative to today’s vulnerable monetary system, they're gaining in legitimacy and popularity every single day.

However, that alone isn’t reason to plunge into this unique investment world.

It’s important to understand their history, purpose, price movements and place in your portfolio. You need to know which cryptocurrency to invest in, the best strategies for doing so and when to get in and — just as important — when to get out.

Juan M. Villaverde helps eliminate the fear of the unknown and guesswork from the investment equation with the Weiss crypto ratings and the time-tested Crypto Timing Model he developed in conjunction with Weiss.

This powerful pair of trading tools can put you in the right cryptos at the right time and help you multiply the gains you could make by an average of 4-to-1 in long-term crypto investments and crypto-leveraged stocks.

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About the Editor

When econometrician and pro trader Juan M. Villaverde first applied his algorithms to Bitcoin years ago, he discovered a regular cyclical pattern. And he has since used it to build the world’s first crypto timing model based on cycles. Thanks to his analysis, the Weiss Ratings team has accurately picked the top and bottom of major crypto booms and busts.

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