Research Reports

The Weiss Ratings Authorized List of Cryptos
Of the 396 cryptocurrencies Weiss Ratings monitors in our database, only a few of them are rated high enough to be worthy of your investment dollars today. It’s important to distinguish the good from the bad. In this report, you will find a list of the highest rated cryptocurrencies.
The Best Legal Way to Buy Crypto in America
The string of bank failures in 2023 weren’t random. In fact, they were the first of a multipronged attack on crypto, one many in the industry are referring to as a targeted attack on the heart of centralized crypto. Because the government seems so desperate to shut crypto down … this is precisely why you should invest. In this report, you'll find a "Crypto Quick-Start Guide" to help you get started and stay safe while navigating the crypto market.
The Only Altcoin to Own Right Now
This report delves into Ethereum's prominence as the foremost smart-contract blockchain in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, emphasizing its struggles with scalability and rising transaction fees due to increased demand. It introduces a potential solution to these challenges, offering improved transaction efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
The #1 AI Stock for 2024 to Buy Now
Markman unveils the vast potential of AI in his report, identifying a singular company poised for significant gains. He highlights a shift in AI's trajectory, pinpointing key players with the aid of Weiss AI stock ratings. With recent collaboration with Nvidia promising substantial revenue, this stock emerges as a top contender for investors seeking lucrative opportunities in AI.
Household AI
The recent surge in AI-related companies has been fueled by the business community, while the impact on everyday households remains limited. However, a highlighted company in this report has the potential to introduce AI to millions of American households, boasting rapid growth in net income and an attractive valuation for savvy investors seeking early opportunities.
My Pick for the #1 Pharma Stock Powered by AI
We predict this company will be among the first to reap the rewards of AI’s breathtaking impact on disease detection and precision medicine treatments.
My Pick for the #1 AI Software Stock Today
The company’s software is powering the Ukrainian defense, city traffic systems worldwide even wind turbines. And we believe their shares are poised to lead the way among all AI software companies.
My Pick for the #1 AI Stock for Big Data
New data is generated at 10 times the speed of just one year ago. This is why the demand for cloud servers and data storage is through the roof. And it’s also why this stock is on our list of the biggest potential winners.
The Secret Weapon Behind Nvidia
This report unveils an emerging AI chip designer poised for significant growth, central to the future of AI processors. The recent partnership with Nvidia indicates the transformative potential of their collaboration, suggesting further advancements in chip manufacturing.
How to Ride the Explosion in AI Surgical Technology
Jon Markman highlights the lucrative prospects arising from merging established surgical hardware with cutting-edge AI software, offering insights on identifying top-performing companies in this sector and strategies for early investment.
How to Ride the Boom in AI-Based Diagnostics
AI advancements will enhance the detection capabilities of medical imaging, uncovering subtle indications in CT scans that elude human observation. Additionally, these new AI technologies is about to spark separate booms in the companies that make or service them — and he you precisely what to invest in now for each one.
How to Invest in Revolutionary AI-Assisted Drug Discoveries
The pharmaceutical AI sector is anticipated to surge at an annual rate of 39.9%, outpacing overall AI growth and semiconductor industry expansion by 5.6 times. Such rapid growth underscores its potential for doubling in just two years or less, marking it as a standout segment across industries.
Sean's Top 5 AI Stocks for 2023
For artificial intelligence, the future is now. With all that in mind, how should you invest in this massive AI megatrend? In this report, Sean Brodrick provides his top 5 AI stocks, as well as more than 60 of Weiss Ratings’ top-rated AI stocks.
The #1 Chip Stock for 2023
The government is pointing a firehose of money at companies that will build new manufacturing plants in the U.S. With a major industry growth catalyst and the flood of government spending ready to lift the semiconductor industry higher, this stock should help your portfolio take advantage of both. And it pays a nice dividend to boot.
The Key "Picks & Shovels" Stocks for the Rebirth of U.S. Industry
America’s reshoring trend is in full swing. In this report, you’ll learn 3 reasons why more and more American and foreign companies are choosing to build new factories here in the U.S. and three ways to play it.
3 More Red-Hot Stocks for the Reindustrialization of America
The “Reindustrialization of America” that Sean talks about in this report is in full swing. And he has three picks for you to play it. These are stocks that aren’t producing semiconductor chips or cars or batteries. But they’re all going to profit mightily from the reindustrialization trend.
AI and the Return of the American Factory
One of the biggest megatrends in history is taking place right now, right before our very eyes: The rise of the robots. Robots are projected to replace 20 million manufacturing jobs by 2030. Within the robotics megatrend are several sub-trends that are investable. In this report, Sean looks at these sub-trends and offers 3 picks to ride the robot revolution.
The Golden Crypto That Every Investor Should Consider in 2023
At Weiss Crypto Investor, we often characterize Bitcoin as digital gold. This depiction is accurate because like gold, Bitcoin’s supply is strictly limited. In this report we introduce a better blockchain-based way to invest in gold and how it is possible to earn regular income streams with this crypto gold. 
New Crypto Likely to Disrupt Amazon Web Services
The giant companies that dominate cloud computing — Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure — are general- purpose computing firms. So, most of their technology is not relevant or optimized for rendering. Moreover, they don’t have enough power to cover the future needs of global rendering industry. That's where the subject of this report steps in. 
166 Cryptos to Dump Now
There’s a plethora of junk cryptos that have little to offer other than glitz, hype and even pump-and-dump schemes. This report will show you how to use the Weiss Crypto ratings and a list of the cryptos to dump now. 
Ultimate Bitcoin Timing Guide: How to Pick the Big Bottoms and Big Tops with Confidence
If investors had bought on Dec. 12, 2018, the day Juan declared the big bottom of that cycle, they could’ve seen our list of high-rated coins surge dramatically in just three years. If you missed that opportunity, don’t look back, because now Juan has declared the beginning of a brand-new bull market cycle. In this special guide, Juan gives you a tutorial on the 4-year Bitcoin cycle, how to harness the power of the entire Bitcoin cycle and more.
SuperETH: The Coin Running Circles Around Ethereum While Powering Its Growth
In this report, you'll learn of a coin running circles around Ethereum. It’s the leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development.
No-Brainer Altcoin for Billions of Users
Looking ahead, I am quite confident this altcoin will be able to attract a sizable share of the non-crypto mass market. And since we are just coming out of an epic bear market, it is attractive not only fundamentally but price-wise as well. Learn more about it in this report.
How to Earn Bitcoin without Risking Any Investment Money
More and more regular people are embracing cryptos. And we’re seeing a lot of progress in the world of crypto-based payment systems. In this report, you'll learn how you can start earning FREE crypto every single day and additional techniques that can get you even more free Bitcoin
Three High-Rated Cryptos with Huge Potential
In this report, we cover three up-and-coming decentralized finance (DeFi) crypto assets that are leveraging emerging technologies to gain competitive advantages in the yield-generating crypto space. Each of these crypto assets has a unique use case that positions it to earn the lion’s share of tomorrow’s fully decentralized financial marketplace.
AI Wonder: The #1 Artificial Intelligence Crypto in the World Today
Artificial intelligence is easily the most dynamic and exciting tech megatrend of our era. An AI program can give us an answer about AI and crypto. It not only gives us an accurate summary of the topic … it is in itself proof-of-concept. It helps explain why several AI-related cryptos are already seeing an upsurge in investor demand. It’s why one particular token gets a high Weiss crypto rating. Find out which token we're talking about in this report.
The Ultimate Gold War Chest
Looking back, 2022 was a difficult year for gold and silver. But the metals ended the year on an upswing. Now, 2023 is looking very bright indeed. In this report, you'll learn the importance of how you buy gold and silver and why precious metals are poised to ramp up.
The Weird Way to Make Extraordinary Profits in a Financial Crisis
In this report you will learn about an investment asset that has vastly outperformed stocks, bonds and real estate. It has turned average people into millionaires and even multimillionaires, and the events of 2022 opened the ideal window into this opportunity. This investment asset has nothing to do with options, shorting stocks or even buying Bitcoin. 
Take Back Control of Your Savings and Grow Wealthier
The countdown on Fed Control is racing closer and closer to zero.  The solution is to make your money safe again. In this report, we review one way to move your money off the grid and keep it safe with step-by-step directions for exactly how to beat Fed Control. 
Lithium: The Power Behind the Decarbonization Revolution
Not only is lithium the lightest metal in the world, but more important for our modern world, it has a high capacity to store energy. This property is why it is used in the manufacture of rechargeable batteries. The future of lithium is awesome, the profits could be extraordinary — and this report gives you an insight on how to ride the profit from this lithium revolution.
The Oil Rig Maker Primed for Explosive Growth
In this report, not only will you discover how regular investors can buy a small stake in this oil disruption for $20 or less … You’ll also see how the knock-on effects could disrupt countless OTHER sectors across America. And why, in the midst of the greatest energy crisis in a generation, this disruption could catapult our homegrown oil industry back to its place as the leader of the energy world.
Resource Millionaires
The auto industry is undergoing a rapid revolution. At the center of this revolution is a major shift toward electric vehicle and autonomous driving. The rise of these new vehicles is set to increase demand for automotive chips — and fast! In this report, you'll learn how this semiconductor company is riding the autonomous vehicle revolution. 
Uranium Unchained: How to Profit From the Coming Nuclear Renaissance
Uranium is a common metal found in rocks all over the world, but nuclear plants use a certain kind of uranium called U-235 because its atoms are easily split apart. Though uranium is quite common, U-235 is relatively rare. And nuclear power is already an established source of electricity that provides about 10% of the world’s electricity. In this report, we'll dive into the importance of uranium, five reasons why we need more of it and four reasons why you should invest in the coming nuclear renaissance.
How to Profit from the Coming $8.1 Trillion Oil-Industry Disruption
We find ourselves at the dawn of an oil disruption. The last time something similar occurred in global oil markets was back in 2002, when investors saw the same kind of huge breakthrough in oil exploration that we predict we’ll be seeing now. As the energy crisis grips the world, our research tells us one small U.S. tech company is in the forefront of a critical solution to the pending global disaster. In this report, we reveal why we believe it has a good chance of becoming the #1 oil play of the decade.
My #1 Secret to Investing in Autonomous Vehicles
Autonomous vehicles are further away than most people realize because of their technological complexity. But in this report, you'll learn how my #1 secret could allow vehicles to determine their exact location by identifying existing subsurface maps; how this could be the future of autonomous vehicles; and how to invest in this secret.
How to Escape the Coming Real Estate Bust Without Selling a Single Property
As high mortgage rates make properties less affordable, buyers are squeezed out of the market. If you do want to reduce your holdings, fine; this could be your best last chance to do so before real estate markets potentially go bust. But if selling would be disruptive, this report provides an alternate plan.
The 3 Best Digital Assets for the Next Monetary Crisis
In today’s world of massive money printing, out-of-control inflation and wars — using our scientific data-driven approach to selecting the best of the best is absolutely essential. We give you all the details in this special bonus report. In this report, we name three unique digital assets that we believe have the best chance of being among THE top leaders of the monetary system of the future. Plus, we share with you our own personal investment plan on how to allocate funds between gold bullion and digital assets.
The "Index Fund" of Undiscovered Cryptos
This undiscovered crypto gives you a stake in a diversified portfolio of cryptos that are themselves undiscovered – including some that could be like the next Bitcoins in terms of how much new wealth they create for investors.
Crash Profits: How to Hedge and Make Money in Down Markets
In this special report, you will learn all about crash profits: How you can use them to hedge against losses in any stocks, real estate or other assets you may own. And if you have some extra money you can afford to risk, how they can be used to build wealth rapidly when markets are falling.   
12 Inflation-Beating Stocks for the Next 12 Months
Trying to analyze stocks in today’s chaotic market can feel like gazing into a Magic 8 Ball, and even many professional investors feel lost trying to navigate this new inflationary environment. That’s why we put our proprietary Weiss Ratings on the case and analyzed practically every stock on the markets to uncover the healthiest in the world. Inside this bonus report, you’ll get the names of the 12 stocks we believe are best positioned for preserving and growing your wealth during the Great Money Nightmare. 
The Inflation Survival Guide
In this report, you’ll get the Wealth Megatrends' blueprint on how to safeguard your wealth and retirement from the ravages of inflation and the economic crisis it’s ushering in. You’ll also learn how to turn the imminent Great Money Nightmare to your advantage with SEVEN little-known investment opportunities that I believe are poised to surge in the months ahead. Plus, we name the investments we think you should SELL immediately. These are popular stocks that may look great on the surface, but our ratings have flagged them as highly vulnerable to today’s chaotic market. 
The New Precious Metals
As inflation continues to ravage the markets, owning gold is a smart move. However, if you only own gold or silver, you’re potentially leaving a small fortune on the table. Inside this report we reveal 17 lesser-known resources that could be even more profitable in the coming chaos. This special report names the most promising among these “new precious metals,” along with the stocks that we think will benefit the most. 
DeFi BlueChip No. 1: The NYSE of DeFi
In this special report, we discuss a crypto which has revolutionized decentralized exchanges, making it easy for anybody to trade in thousands of coins with no middleman or central authority. It revolutionized decentralized exchanges by making it possible for anybody— no matter how small their investment — to provide liquidity to the exchange and bag a fraction of the profits, too. And it quickly grew to become the top decentralized exchange in the industry. That’s the reason we call it the NYSE of DeFi.
Instant Income Revealed
In this report, you'll discover how using one particular strategy in your brokerage account … one that very few investors even know exists … could change the trajectory of your financial future. FOREVER. We provide you with the simple steps to take to collect instant cash.
The Weiss Guide to Prudent Gold & Silver Investing
When faced with the significant threat of multiple black swans, you have two choices: You could ignore the unfolding crisis, hope for the best, and stick with traditional investments or you could put the power of the gold and silver to work in your portfolio — for both wealth protection and chaos insurance. We trust that, with the information in this report, you’ll be better empowered to pursue the latter.
The World’s Leading Resource Companies
Historically, resource companies have repeatedly soared when inflation rises and skyrocketed when inflation surges. So, we have every reason to believe that in today’s world of surging inflation, they could do the same. In this report, we name what we believe to be THE five best in the world.
The Weiss Ratings Endangered Stocks List
If you hold stocks or stock mutual funds — in your regular brokerage account, in your 401(k) or in your IRA — start selling the ones we’ve identified as the most vulnerable to the next black swans. You can find out exactly which ones they are simply by reading this report. In it, we give you a complete list of all the stocks, ETFs and mutual funds with our lowest ratings — investments we wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.
Weiss Ratings’ Top Ten: The Cream of the Crop Among the 10,000 Stocks We Rate
No one can guarantee the future performance of any list of stocks, and that’s also true for our top ten stocks today. We're proud to say that, on average, the Weiss Ratings top Ten Stocks returned 413%. That’s enough to grow an initial $100,000 into $513,000. The world has changed a lot in recent years and, naturally, our top ten list has also changed. It has different stocks in different sectors. We name them in this report. We give you their ticker symbols. We explain why we’ve picked them. And we provide instructions on our strategy for buying them.
How to Go for up to 65% Yields With Crypto Pairs
This guide is not for your savings. It’s for investment funds you can afford to risk. But by simply taking this extra step, you can aim for even higher yields, ranging from about 35% to 65%. Plus, on top of that yield, the variable-price coins can swing up and down in value. In the past, some investors have benefited from large capital gains. Of course, losses are possible too. All this is very possible with the crypto pairs shown in this report.
Your Guide to Ethereum and Higher Crypto Yields.
Ethereum is an essential building block of Decentralized Finance and has had a long history of rising roughly three times more than Bitcoin — even before DeFi existed! In this easy-to-follow guidebook, you’ll learn WHERE to buy Ethereum, WHEN to take profits, and best of all, how to use it to make instant, double-digit yields.
The Eyes and Ears of the World Computer
This specific crypto feeds Ethereum real-time data on current prices from all the financial markets of the world. And the best part is it has surged NINE times more than Bitcoin and should continue to do so for years to come.
Fast Track to Farmland Riches
This real estate boom hasn’t just sent home prices soaring. The price of farmland has also gone through the roof. In fact, it’s turning into one of the best performing assets you can own. Tech billionaire Bill Gates feels the same way too and has become one of the biggest farmland owners in the country. This report reveals the “backdoor” way to invest in farmland for a fraction of what others are paying.
Quick-Start Guide to the Greatest Real Estate Boom in our Lifetime
Whether you’re brand new to real estate stock investing, a seasoned investor or somewhere in between, this report is for you. Inside, I provide a complete roadmap to profit from the real estate boom this year, in 2023, and beyond. I lay out the steps investors need to take right now to get themselves in the best position for long-term profits.
The #1 Real Estate Play of the Decade Special Report
Right now, the U.S. real estate market is exploding like fireworks – houses that once went for $600,000 are turning into million-dollar moonshots. Can regular investors participate in this opportunity? Not unless they have a 6-figure bankroll. But all that changes with Primetime Disruptors … Primetime Disruptors are a “special breed” of stocks that let anyone participate in America’s current real estate boom for pennies on the dollar. Even if an investor made just one-tenth of that gain, they’d still be looking at the opportunity to almost triple their money! And inside this exclusive report, it reveals the details on the #1 Primetime Disruptor today.
Work-From-Home Winners
This special bonus report details the massive opportunities arising from the divergence of the traditional world of brick and mortar and the modern, digital world. These new digital opportunities are more prevalent with the migration of workers to remote positions, yet we were already witnessing a massive shift of people and wealth to the digital space even before the shockwaves of the COVID-19 pandemic began sweeping through society. In this private research report, you’ll learn about dozens of companies that we think are ready for takeoff as more and more individuals work from home with your copy of Work-From-Home Winners.
17 Ways to Profit in the Hidden Side of the Real Estate Surge
This report pulls back the curtain on 17 different ways investors can multiply their money — all with companies that most people don’t associate with real estate, but which have almost always seen surging profits as the housing market boomed. It’s like a treasure map that shows investors precisely where to find what we believe are the most likely future winners.
Bloodbath in Bonds
If you have any money in federal, state, county or municipal bonds, you need to read this report because inflation could transform one of the world’s safest investments into one of the riskiest! Inside this report you’ll get all the details, including our insights on what to do with your money before this bloodbath hits. 
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