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Today, we’re taking a deeper look at what happened last week before setting our sights on the week ahead.
Joel is a pioneer investor and analyst in the fast-growing blockchain sector of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. He has been cited by MarketWatch as one of 50 traders that investors should watch.
In addition to the CPI and PPI reports coming out this week, it’s also the official kickoff to earnings season.
In this week’s episode, I speak with Nilus Mattive, an analyst, crypto expert and associate editor of Weiss Crypto Investor.
The Fed’s maintaining its hawkish stance and markets are headed lower. A flush of economic data confirms what’s happening.
We’ve got a parade of Fed officials and central bankers speaking this week, plus tons of economic data, including home sales data and the second revision of the GDP.
With everything that happened after the FOMC meeting and the data that’s emerged, it’s clear we’re already in a recession. What we need to understand is how bad it’ll be.
Right now, we’re in a commodities supercycle, which makes it the perfect time to become a member of Sean Brodrick’s Resource Trader.
With crises all around us, Jon D. Markman’s Crisis Profit Trader helps members navigate rough waters and make money in up and down markets.
The Fed’s long-awaited FOMC meeting is happening this week, along with other important data coming in that’ll be impacting markets moving forward.
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