ARC Document Solutions, Inc. ARC
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09/30/2023 06/30/2023 03/31/2023 12/31/2022 09/30/2022
Net Income 11.25M 11.82M 11.06M 11.09M 11.57M
Total Depreciation and Amortization 17.36M 17.84M 18.66M 19.43M 20.53M
Total Amortization of Deferred Charges 1.07M 1.06M 1.06M 1.06M 761.00K
Total Other Non-Cash Items 6.55M 6.99M 7.08M 6.78M 7.09M
Change in Net Operating Assets -2.53M 2.13M 253.00K -1.13M -5.95M
Cash from Operations 33.69M 39.85M 38.12M 37.23M 34.00M
Capital Expenditure -9.33M -7.71M -6.89M -5.88M -4.45M
Sale of Property, Plant, and Equipment -- -- -- -- --
Cash Acquisitions -- -- -- -- --
Divestitures -- -- -- -- --
Other Investing Activities 364.00K 356.00K 311.00K 307.00K 284.00K
Cash from Investing -8.96M -7.36M -6.58M -5.57M -4.16M
Total Debt Issued 162.00M 160.00M 158.00M 154.00M 145.25M
Total Debt Repaid -176.81M -176.85M -176.89M -174.99M -166.29M
Issuance of Common Stock 2.11M 2.09M 2.06M 1.30M 758.00K
Repurchase of Common Stock -3.63M -2.58M -1.94M -2.11M -1.85M
Issuance of Preferred Stock -- -- -- -- --
Repurchase of Preferred Stock -- -- -- -- --
Total Dividends Paid -8.52M -8.50M -8.46M -8.45M -7.17M
Other Financing Activities -29.00K -29.00K -3.91M -3.91M -3.91M
Cash from Financing -24.87M -25.87M -31.15M -34.16M -33.21M
Foreign Exchange rate Adjustments 80.00K -153.00K -960.00K -866.00K -882.00K
Miscellaneous Cash Flow Adjustments -- -- -- -- --
Net Change in Cash -62.00K 6.47M -571.00K -3.37M -4.26M
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