A Needle in a Haystack

Welcome back to Wealth & Wisdom, my weekly update for Weiss Ratings Members.

This week, we’re doing things a little differently. I’m going to profile Senior Analyst Jon D. Markman. On an average week, Jon publishes 20 (yes, 20!) issues for his members.

Jon is talented at picking winning stocks and options. Any subscriber to any of his services could tell you that. But one thing Jon needs a little help with is bragging about those gains.

So in today’s Wealth & Wisdom, I want to take a few moments to tell you about what Jon’s doing in his newsletter, The Power Elite, and explain why his picks are the types of companies every investor should want in their portfolios.

When I called this week to ask if he might have some time to talk to me, he said he was busy putting the finishing touches on his next issue of The Power Elite issue, which hits members’ inboxes on Friday, Aug. 5.

Jon told me the stocks he’s planning to shine a spotlight on. While I can’t reveal those here, what I can tell you is that both are trading well off their long-term highs and represent excellent values right now.

But what I can do is share with you one of the biggest trends he’s been playing, and the best way to play it.

What makes it the best way? Well, for starters, the profits his members are sitting on in it!

But first, let me tell you about …

The Man of Mystery

Jon has over three decades of experience, a passion for quantitative finance and a sharp eye for value.

Jon focuses on sorting through loads of data and information — from earnings reports to company fundamentals to upper management success — in order to uncover the rare few that meet his standards.

And those rarities — and I mean, they are rare — are what make Jon’s cut for The Power Elite.

In fact, for over 20 years, Jon has vetted over 7,000 publicly traded companies. And of those +7,000 … only 70 or so companies have qualified for Jon’s model portfolio.

They truly are like finding …

A Needle in a Haystack

The companies Jon finds have specialized niches with elite executive teams that are sublimely focused. Despite their considerable advantages, those firms continue to manage like small ones by being nimble.

He began doing it for a company you might’ve heard of: Microsoft (MSFT).

In fact, Jon’s not only the pioneer in the development of stock-rating systems and screening software … he’s coinventor on two Microsoft patents.

And since then, I think things have gone pretty well. In addition to winning a Pulitzer Prize, just take a look at the top three open gains members of The Power Elite are enjoying:

  • Over 160% on a multinational software company.
  • Over 157% in a famed big-box retailer.
  • And over 142% in an online vehicle auctioneer.

The thing about Jon’s screening is that the companies he uncovers don’t have to be household names (though some of them certainly are). Time and time again, they just prove that …

They’re the Winners

He’s just as likely to add a company that dominates its niche as a provider of swimming pool equipment and supplies, as he is a company where millions of Americans shop.

These companies are the dominant players by market share and technology. And that last term is the operative one. Jon looks for companies that are part of what he calls the digital transformation — companies that embrace the use of use of data and software to build new business models.

Members know it all too well. Jon’s service targets long-term gains, but his three most recently closed trades resulted in gains of:

  • Over 93% on an industrial artificial intelligence company.
  • Over 16% on an online payment provider.
  • And nearly 35% on a Midwest energy utility.

Be sure to check back next week. We’ll have a brand-new video for you, a great interview and some promising companies to tell you about.

But before I go, I encourage you to join Jon and members of The Power Elite. They’re enjoying enormous gains in the midst of a terrible bear market, and that’s not something a lot of investors can say right now.

To your Wealth & Wisdom,

Kenny Polcari

About the Editor

A professional trader since 1981, Kenny began his career with a decade as a trader on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, ran a division of a major Wall Street bank, and built the U.S. equities business at one of the world’s largest broker dealers. 

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