Double-Digit Yields

As an investor, you know firsthand how low yields are affecting investments and savings options.

The average stock dividend yield is only 1.32%. Add inflation to the mix at 5.4%, and what you get is a lousy recipe for generating income.

•  But there’s a new high-yield strategy that can produce extraordinary yields … yields that can reach 19.5% annual percentage yield (APY), even with investments with little to no price volatility.

And you can withdraw your money at any time without penalties.

How is this possible?

I posed that question and many more to crypto income specialist Marko Grujic, the analyst behind Weiss Ratings’ new service, Crypto Yield Hunter.

Transcript from Sunday’s Weiss Daily Briefing Video

Jessica Borg (narration): Meet the man behind the new Weiss Ratings service, “Crypto Yield Hunter.”

Marko Grujic: My name is Marko Grujic.  I come from Serbia and currently, I’m in Las Vegas, Nevada.

JB (narration): He’s there for the World Series of Poker.

He started playing the game seriously back in 2017 — one year after he started to mine Ethereum (ETH) — and when Bitcoin (BTC) had its famous bull run.

MG: At that time, I just basically started playing poker professionally. I didn’t even have much money, but I invested some portion of it, and that just exploded.

My friends introduced me to ICOs, Initial Coin Offerings.

JB (narration): He invested about 90% of his crypto profits and some poker profits in those ICOs – and back into the crypto market — a believer early on that crypto was a worthy alternative to traditional finance.

But, many projects failed to launch when the crypto market crashed.

MG: And at that time, ICOs were functioning literally like, ‘I’m the best programmer in the world. I will create new, better Bitcoin — Ethereum, whatever it is, just give me money.’ 

Everyone was collecting, 15 million, 20 million, 30 million.

JB: So, you lost a lot of money. That must’ve been a big learning experience.

MG: I just didn’t have any understanding of how cycles function. I was trying to educate myself more on the blockchain (technology), itself.

When I lost everything, I felt really bad about myself. I thought, ‘Ah, we’re taking away power from the government, we will do this, we will do that.’

From a tech perspective, these improvements were happening, but from price appreciation, it wasn’t.

I figured out that I don’t need to own 13 cryptocurrencies. I just need something I firmly believed in.

JB (narration): In his new service, Marko will have weekly video issues, describing strategies and demonstrating what to do to earn double-digit yields.

MG: You will be guided step-by-step. Click this button, click that button.  This is happening, that is happening. And that’s it.

JB (narration): There are different levels of risk that you can sign up for, with varying yields and profit potential.

What are the highest yields possible?

MG: 100% or more, per year.

JB: Wow.

MG: Yeah. Our Level 1 recommendation is like, 20%. And it’s super stable.

JB: So, crypto is famous for its volatility. In your new service, you’ll be dealing with cryptos with little to no volatility. Tell folks how that can be.

MG: Most of the time, our recommendations will be based on stablecoins … that means dollars, crypto native dollars.

So, you have Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), you have DAI (DAI), you have True USD (TUSD).

JB (narration): Stablecoins are designed to maintain a stable value relative to the U.S. dollar. 

MG: So, if you have 10 USD, you have $10. 

If you have a dollar in the bank, it doesn’t do anything.  But, if you have a crypto dollar, you can just put it in one of our recommendations and you can just start earning interest right now. 

JB (narration):  It’s all happening on applications in the booming facet of the crypto space — known as decentralized finance, or DeFi.

DeFi doesn’t rely on so-called, “middle-men” — brokerages, exchanges, banks — for borrowing and lending. Instead, it uses smart contracts on the blockchain.

MG: When a bank makes some transactions, they just take these fees for themselves. And in these projects, they’re able to give us part of these fees for interacting with their platforms, for using their platform.  And this is how we get some of these yields.

JB: What decentralized platforms will you be using?

MG: One of the ecosystems that I trust the most in crypto.

Luna is the blockchain, itself.  And we will use — for example, for Level 1, Anchor protocol — which is a lending, borrowing platform for the Terra Luna ecosystem.

JB: What are you most excited about, as you launch the Crypto Yield Hunter?

MG:  To have this opportunity to onboard people to decentralized finance, that’s the most exciting thing for me.

Like, money will come. I feel what is much more important is to educate people.

JB (narration):  And he says DeFi will continue to expand, as economic concerns, like inflation, grow.

MG: If your salary isn’t 20, 25% bigger by the end of the year, you’re losing money.  It’s as simple as that.

I think we just need to beat inflation.  And that’s one thing that I really expect our users to get with our product.

I really want everyone to feel safe while investing, because I lost money and it’s not a nice feeling.

JB: What does your 2-year or 5-year outlook for the world of DeFi look like?

MG: A bunch of these projects have enough capital to compare themselves to traditional banks, and I think it’s here to stay. 

And it’s fairer.  It’s more transparent.

I really think that we should use this unique opportunity as early adopters to have these better yields.

We all work for money, but now we have the opportunity to have money work for us.

JB (narration): Meaning, this is a form of finance where it’s easy to have a “winning hand.”

Marko Grujic, a pleasure to meet you. Thank so much for your time today.

MG: Thank you, Jessica. I really enjoyed this.

Thanks to our guest, Marko Grujic. That's it for this week's Weiss Ratings Daily video edition. Keep an eye out for next Sunday's video, and until then, have a great week!

Best wishes,

The Weiss Ratings Team

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