Smart Investing, Like Smart Football, Helps You Win

The New England Patriots won a hard-fought, old-school game on Monday Night Football. And by following Safe Money strategies, you can do the same in this market.

First, let me recap the game.

I’m a big New England Patriots fan. I’ve enjoyed a lot of wins, including Super Bowl victories.

But I haven’t seen anything like Monday night’s game. The weather in Buffalo, New York, was hideous. Wind gusts over 50 mph, plunging temperatures and snow swirling.

So, what did the Patriots do against the Bills?

They ran the ball … over and over and over. In fact, they ran a whopping 46 times … and passed only three times. That’s the fewest any NFL team has attempted in a game since 1974.

  • It wasn’t flashy, and it wasn’t fancy.

But you know what? The Patriots won. And that is what ultimately matters.

Even if you don’t have any interest in football, there’s a very important investing lesson to all of this.

What do I keep saying you should do in this market environment?

What investment advice have I repeated over and over again since President Biden won the election?

What message have I consistently shared about the so-called money flood from Washington, D.C.?

  • Stick to Safe Money strategies!

There is simply no better way ... bar none … to profit in this backdrop.

That’s because it’s one marked by madcap money printing, enormous fiscal stimulus, strong momentum and occasional market hiccups … but no blow-off moves or credit indicators signaling a major trend shift is upon us.

So, your winning strategy has been, and should continue to be, the same as it is for the Patriots: Don’t get swept up in flashy investments that won’t live up to the elements.

  • Instead, stick with time-tested, nose-to-the-grindstone strategies that have worked and keep on working.

I’m talking about investing in:

  • Maintaining a higher-than-average allocation to gold, silver and mining shares.
  • And focusing on alternative strategies like options selling for income.

Just this week, a couple of my favorite Safe Money stocks broke out to all-time highs.

In the last month or two, several options sales targeting high-quality stocks paid off handsomely, too.

That has delivered thousands of dollars in potential premium income to subscribers in a world plague by rock-bottom yields.

Those kinds of moves may not make the market’s highlight reel. But you know what? They’re the kinds of moves that can pile up big gains and big wins over time.

And isn’t that what smart investing — like smart football — is all about?

Until next time,

Mike Larson

About the Income & Dividend Analyst

In an era of high-risk exuberance, Mike Larson stands out as a leader in conservative investment strategies that outperform the market overall. Using the safety-oriented Weiss Ratings as a guide, he has a proven history of guiding investors to stocks and ETFs that provide asset protection, consistent dividends and excellent growth.

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