Bitcoin ‘Decoupled’ Provides Limitless Profit Potential

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Monumental events are defining this month: The winner of the highest office in the land has been declared and there’s a viable COVID-19 vaccine potentially coming soon — welcome news as our nation battles a frightening surge of cases.

But none of it matters. To Bitcoin, at least.

The first and most popular cryptocurrency is trading with bullish momentum, despite volatility in the traditional stock markets. Bitcoin (BTC, Tech/Adoption Grade “A-”) and stocks remain the two most uncorrelated assets in the world. It’s a phenomenon coined, “decoupling.” (Bad pun intended.)

In this special five-minute video segment, I speak with Juan Villaverde, Editor of Weiss Cryptocurrency Portfolio, who says Bitcoin staying decoupled with the markets is a positive sign for crypto, and a clear signal for investors to buy now.

Juan explains:

This lack of correlation between Bitcoin and other asset classes is one of the main appeals of investing in Bitcoin, or other crypto assets.

It tells us it still has the potential to grow up to a hundred times from its current price. It tells us that the hyper-growth that crypto has experienced over the past 10 years is set to continue over the next decade.

A high correlation across all traditional assets means that typically, you think you’re diversifying by buying the S&P, gold and oil, and in fact, you’re basically holding the same instrument.

At one point, you realize these are all moving together: “I’m invested in the same instrument. I am not diversified at all,” and diversification is a good thing in investing.

In this insightful video, Juan discusses:

  • The benefits of Bitcoin being an undervalued “growth asset.”
  • How Bitcoin’s fate is to trade in the six digits: “Anywhere between $100,000 and $1 million is a reasonable target.”
  • Why Bitcoin is destined to become a top reserve asset and share a similar trading pattern with safe-haven gold.
  • The crypto revolution happening right now.

And much more!

The information in this five-minute segment couldn’t be timelier. I suggest you watch it now.

Happy investing!

Jessica Borg 
Financial Anchor

Weiss Cryptocurrency Portfolio

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