Happy Fourth!

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Happy Fourth of July! I have always loved this holiday. In fact, my two favorite childhood holidays were Christmas and Independence Day.

Christmas, of course, meant presents. But believe it or not, the Fourth of July was even better.

Like many Americans, our family shot off fireworks and enjoyed an afternoon of swimming at a local lake. More importantly for me, it also meant a day off from the grueling farm work that my father expected of his sons.

Both my parents are deceased and the family farm is long gone, but the Fourth of July is still very special to me. Whatever your traditions are — BBQ, a baseball game, boating, picnicking — I hope you can share them with the people you love.

If you have some free time today and want to catch up on some reading, here are a few of my recent articles:

I'll see you again on Friday, July 12 with my next column.

Happy Independence Day, America. And my best wishes for financial independence to you.

Tony Sagami

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