This War Will Produce All Kinds of Winners

Monday, June 03, 2019

The day has finally arrived! In our historic, four-day "Marijuana Millionaire Method Revealed" training that starts today, Dr. Weiss and I will show you where we are in the Cannabis Boom Cycle and how to position yourself for the next "inning" of this very long game. Click here to sign up and get text reminders to join us all week. You'll definitely want to be ready for Thursday's Grand Finale, where I'll show you in REAL TIME how to pinpoint pot stocks that are poised to soar. Here is one of those megatrends that is going to help send cannabis and related stocks higher …

Marijuana scares the Bojangles out of Big Pharma. That's why some pharmaceutical companies are fighting marijuana legalization tooth and nail.

That's a short-sighted view for a profit-driven company. Because the profit potential in marijuana-derived drugs is extraordinary.

So, here's the scoop. According to data released in a new report published by the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, patients — when they have a choice — are dumping their prescription drugs for marijuana.

According to the study authored by Daniel Kruger and Jessica Kruger, 44% of the medical cannabis users interviewed either cut back on pharmaceutical drugs or abandoned them altogether. Instead, they switched to marijuana in various forms.

Thirty-three states and Washington, D.C., have legalized medical marijuana. More are on the way. You can see why big pharmas are worried that cannabis could pose a big problem for their bottom lines.

This new report confirms a study reported in The Washington Post, detailing the amount of FEWER prescription doses in states that have legalized marijuana.

That's 1,826 fewer doses per doctor year, and that's just for painkillers. People with anxiety, nausea, and sleep and other disorders are also increasingly exchanging their prescriptions for various forms of pot.

Now consider that we have barely begun to scratch the surface of what we don't know about the healing powers of cannabis. That's because for decades, research was illegal.

We do know that marijuana contains various cannabinoids — the active ingredients including THC, CBD, CBN and more. Many of them have medical properties which are only now being explored.

So, if you ran a multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical company that isn't researching those drugs, you probably know that there's a leaf-shaped target on your back.

But there is still a path to profits for those companies as well as investors. Here are three ideas.

  1. Marijuana isn't a cure-all. There are still plenty of ailments that marijuana and its active ingredients won't help. So, I'm not writing obituaries for Big Pharma, and you shouldn't either. Buy the pullbacks.
  1. There are pharmaceutical companies that ARE researching new drugs from cannabis. I recommended one to subscribers to my Wealth Supercycle newsletter; subscribers to my Marijuana Millionaire Portfolio trading service got two more. These stocks are showing remarkable strength in a skittish market. I believe there's a lot more good news to come that isn't priced in yet.
  1. The benchmark ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF (NYSE: MJ) holds some pharmaceuticals, among its 45 positions. It gives you a slice of exposure to cannabis pharmaceuticals.

While MJ gives you a little exposure, the real profit potential will come from individual stocks. Remember that pharmaceuticals and biotechs can be VERY volatile. The news on a drug approval or milestone can send a stock soaring or sinking. So, do lots of research and be prepared for wild swings, up and down.

And if you need some help getting started with your research, I have some great news. I’ve just created a brand-new course for folks interested in marijuana investing, and I'd like for you to be there for it!

The training starts today — Monday, June 3  and runs four days, culminating in a big broadcast video training this coming Thursday.

On Day 1 (Monday), I’ll brief you about the current state of the cannabis boom … and where it’s likely headed over the next several months.

On Day 2 (Tuesday), I’ll reveal the biggest trends shaping the profit opportunities in cannabis right now.

On Day 3 (Wednesday), I’ll reveal my most powerful indicators for pinpointing specific pot stocks poised to explode higher in the next 30 days.

And on Day 4 (Thursday), you can join me for a streaming video broadcast, and watch over my shoulder as I analyze the world’s hottest cannabis stocks … in real time!

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Simply click here now and sign up for the training to receive all these benefits and more (including a bonus just for showing up for Day 4’s grand finale: a new research report on 3 amazing cannabis “insider” plays I discovered inside an exclusive gathering I attended in Canada recently). 

There will be clear winners in this war between big pharma and marijuana. And you want to be on the winning side. I'm eager to show you how I do that, and how you can, too.

All the best,


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