Don’t Avoid the Money Flood: Ride It

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Now, let’s get to your Weiss Daily Briefing …

Having lived in flood-prone places like Houston and South Florida, I’ve always heeded warnings to avoid streets with rising floodwaters.

They’re predictably unpredictable, and in large measure, that’s what makes them so dangerous.

You could call the so-called “money flood” predictably unpredictable, too.

But as an investor, rather than avoiding the floodwaters, you can stay safe by navigating them wisely.

In fact, not only can you limit the risk, but you can also profit handsomely.

Senior analyst Tony Sagami — editor of Disruptors & Dominators — says there are a slew of sectors benefitting from today’s “cheap money,” and targeted stocks in your portfolio can open the floodgates to gains.

Tony weighs in on the trillions of dollars that have entered the U.S. economy over the last year and a half:

There’s just so much money gushing into the system that it’s propping up all assets. Think of it as a river. There’s a big flood going down the river. The main people getting carried away by that flood are stocks and real estate, but there are little tributaries that flash off of the main river, and those tributaries are things like cryptocurrencies, copper, uranium, oil. They’re way up. It’s all because of the money flood.

Will it continue? Federal Reserve Chair Jay Powell suggested the central bank will soon begin “tapering,” or dialing back its monthly $120 billion bond-buying program. The program is designed to drive down longer-term interest rates and spur economic growth.

One side effect, though, is asset inflation. And that means the market could experience whiplash the moment monetary policies start to shift.

While all this makes the financial future predictably unpredictable, there are strong investment strategies to ride during the current flood.

In this special four-minute video segment, Tony dives into sectors that are currently thriving, and how investors can benefit from specific “green energy plays.”

Tony explains the trends on which to capitalize:

I think people are coming to the slow realization that to achieve these green energy goals, nuclear power is going to be an important part of it.

Good or bad, I think uranium will be necessary to achieve those goals. I think there are some very, very powerful trends behind that commodity.

It’s a big opportunity overall to profit from the big energy initiatives that Congress and Biden are pushing — I mean they’re going to allocate trillions of dollars to that — so, you want to get in on that money flood, in addition to the general money flood of the real estate and stock market.

As long as the money flood continues, I think you’ll see the stock market go higher.

In this insightful video, Tony discusses:

•  Two recommended stocks that have shot up 25% and 35%, respectively, over the last four months.

•  The company dominating the residential energy storage market.

•  An action by the Fed that investors should fear most: “Forget tapering … this is the big danger sign!"

•  The collapse of the Chinese real estate firm, Evergrande Group, and its ripple effect.

And more!

The information in this short segment couldn’t be timelier. I suggest you watch it now.

Happy investing! 

Jessica Borg 
Financial News Anchor 
Disruptors & Dominators

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