Macy's Customers Shopping Elsewhere?

The latest numbers indicate that they are. With a disappointing first quarter earnings report, Macy’s (M) stock slumped 15.2 percent last Wednesday closing the day at $31.38 per share.  The company ended the week down 17.3 percent at $31.22 per share, falling to its 52-week low of $30.36 on Thursday.

Macy’s was downgraded to a C- (HOLD) by Weiss on May 4.

It appears that Macy’s shoppers didn’t turn to the competition either. Kohl’s (KSS) finished the day on Wednesday down 6 percent, trading at $38.70 a share. Dillard’s (DDS) and J.C. Penney (JCP) were also down 8.2 and 2.5 percent, respectively.

Kohl’s ended the week down 15.2 percent, Dillard’s and J. C. Penney dropped 12.5 and 10.1 percent, respectively.

Our comparison report sets Macy’s and its competitors side by side comparing their ratings and numerous financial figures. Here we can see that Macy’s market capitalization of $9.48 billion and enterprise value of $16.38 billion are well above the competition. All four companies below have an investment rating within the C (HOLD) range.

The sector comparison report indicates that Macy’s market cap of $9.48 billion represents 0.17 percent of the consumer discretionary sector. It also shows that the company’s returns are well below its peers, but numerous other financial statement items are above the sector’s average.

Here are a few other major department stores and their last week’s stock performance:

Company Name Ticker Investment Rating
as of 5/17/2016
Weekly % Loss
Burlington Stores BURL B- 8.4
Bon-Ton Stores BONT D 10.0
Sears Holdings Corp. SHLD D- 18.6

Overall, the performance was quite disappointing by all seven stores reporting losses and it looks like their customers had been shopping somewhere else … maybe online.


Staples (SPLS) and Office Depot (ODP) attempted merger fell through last week after the $6.3 billion deal was blocked by a federal judge based on concerns that such union would eliminate competition leading to higher prices and lower product quality.

The stock of both companies tumbled down Wednesday morning. Staples dropped by 18 percent to $8.46 per share by the end of the day and Office Depot was down 40.4 percent to $3.63 a share.

Both, Staples and Office Depot ended the week down 19.5 and 41.2 percent, respectively.

Staples was downgraded by Weiss to a C- (HOLD) on March 11 and Office Depot saw its rating drop to a D+ (SELL) on March 28. Both ratings remained unchanged as of May 17.


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Company Weiss Safety
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Top 10 Life and Annuity Insurers

Company Weiss Safety
Total Assets
in $ Billions
Metropolitan Life Ins Co B- 390.84 NY
Teachers Ins & Annuity Asn Of America A+ 270.09 NY
Prudential Ins Co Of America B 245.00 NJ
Northwestern Mutual Life Ins Co A- 238.54 WI
John Hancock Life Ins Co (USA) B 227.84 MI
Lincoln National Life Ins Co B 213.89 IN
Massachusetts Mutual Life Ins Co A- 210.36 MA
Jackson National Life Ins Co B+ 189.10 MI
Metlife Ins Co USA B 173.76 DE
American General Life Ins Co B 166.71 TX

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