Weiss Ratings 10 Highest Rated, A+ Stocks [UPDATED]

You would think, with  9,542 stocks rated by Weiss, there would be a pretty good number of them that would rate an A+. But that’s not the case. By far.

When we ran a Stock Screener on September 16, to drill down and identify the top of the top in stocks, only ten came back as having earned an A+ investment rating. (The “+” sign indicates that the stock is in the upper third of the letter grade, and is the highest investment rating assigned by Weiss Ratings.)  This represents just one tenth of one percent of our entire stock universe. A surprisingly low number.

The list is below, and Ratings subscribers can click on the name to get full company information:

A+ Stocks
(List is sorted in descending order by market capitalization)

Company Name



Raytheon Company RTN 40.36 $136.76 Industrials
Constellation Brands Inc. STZ 33.02 $164.61 Consumer Staples
Tyson Foods, Inc. TSN 27.99 $73.25 Consumer Staples
Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. BR 8.12 $68.69 Information Technology
Teleflex Incorporated TFX 7.61 $172.81 Healthcare
Apartment Investment and Mgmt Co AIV 6.86 $43.78 Real Estate
Pool Corp. POOL 3.95 $94.04 Consumer Discretionary
LTC Properties Inc. LTC 1.99 $50.86 Real Estate
New Flyer Industries Inc. NFI.TO 1.94 $42.31 Industrials
Stock Yards Bancorp, Inc. SYBT 0.72 $32.17 Financials
Data Date 09/16/2016

So how were individual sectors represented on the list?

The Industrials, Consumer Staples, and Real Estate sectors all have a strong showing--with each boasting two companies on our highest-rated stock list. In the Consumer Staples sector, we have two food and beverage giants coming in at #2 and #3, Constellation Brands and Tyson Foods, respectively.

The Industrials sector includes international aerospace and defense company Raytheon topping the list at #1, and New Flyer Industries, a manufacturer and seller of transit buses and motor coaches, comes in at #9.

Number 6 on the list, Apartment Investment and Management Company, is a real estate investment trust. It owns, manages, and redevelops apartment properties, and is one of the two highest rated real estate stocks. LTC Properties, also a real estate investment trust, focuses on health care real estate and comes in at #8.

Rounding out the 10 are Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc., an IT company (#4); Telefex Incorporated (#5) the sole Healthcare company on the list; Pool Corp at #7, a distributor of pool supplies, equipment and leisure products; and Stock Yards Bancorp, Inc. (#10) from the Financials sector.

What you may notice immediately looking at the list, is the absence of some of the big names you might expect to see. In fact, aside from the top three on the list, the majority of these companies are not household names. Proving again, why it's so critical when investing, to do your research, and find those hidden gems.

Weiss Ratings members can click here anytime, to access the A+ Stocks List. In addition to what’s in the table above, the list shows one-, three-, and five-year returns, as well as the dividend paid by these investments, should you want to add some of these A+ stocks to your portfolio.

And, as you know, the results generated by our Screeners are dynamic, meaning they are constantly, and immediately, updated anytime our ratings change. So make sure to check back often, to see what's changed.

[UPDATE: 10/25/16]

Since first posting this list 5 weeks ago, there's already been a lot of movement.

The list has shrunk from 10 to 6 listings, and only two of the original ten are still on the list: Constellation Brands, and Stock Yards Bancorp. (And Stock Yards stock price is up 9.4% over those 5 weeks, as of this writing.)

Since only two originals remain, this means eight stocks have been downgraded and four stocks have been upgraded in that time.

If you're a Ratings subscriber, you can click here to see the new additions. 

And keep in mind... This doesn't mean the stocks that got bumped are now "bad" stocks, or something negative happened to remove them. Our BUY range is from A+ to B-. This list is simply the best of the best. Check back soon for a new episode of Behind the Screens, where we'll explain why stocks get downgraded, and why they may still be solid investments.


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