AI Profit Machine

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Dr. Martin Weiss has been working on a secret artificial intelligence (Ai) project for more than a decade now. 

It’s the first and only stock trading system that combines the proven power of Ai with the proven accuracy of our 100% independent Weiss ratings. 

Its ability to beat the market nearly 51-to-1 is backed by 10 years of data, including three years of real-time testing. 

All by targeting just 10 stocks at a time. 

Even during some of the best and worst of times … 

  • Investors in the S&P 500 could have made a total return of 216%. 

  • Those using Weiss stock ratings could have made 418%. 

  • And those using Weiss Ai could have seen 10,945% asset growth during that time. 

This Ai trading system stands to become one of the best-performing in the world. 

Our research has repeatedly shown us that trading systems which use strictly AI … or strictly selection tools like buy-sell-hold ratings … cannot come even close to the 51-to-1 market-beating performance that we’ve consistently seen in our AI trading system. 

That’s because ours combines both the proven power of artificial intelligence and the proven accuracy of our 100% independent Weiss ratings. 

This technology is not only Martin’s achievement, but also his family’s greatest crowning achievement — ever since he and his father Irving began rating investments together more than 50 years ago …  

Ever since Irving started working on Wall Street almost 100 years ago … 

And long before AI, but not before statistics, charts and data, all of which Irving loved. 

Irving was his mentor, teacher and friend. And that’s why Martin named our AI system the “IRVING.” To honor his father’s legacy and the foundations he set for him and all our members. 

Martin believes in IRVING’s Ai Profit Machine so much that he’s setting aside $1 million to act on all the same IRVING trade alerts members receive. 

In addition to gaining access to this AI stock system, you’ll even get to “meet” IRVING along the way. 

In the weeks and months ahead, members will benefit from the continuing enhancement of the IRVING system with major new benefits added to our rapidly evolving technology. 

That includes the ability to “meet” with IRVING online in another way: by simply logging in to the Irving chatbot — Martin’s father virtually coming back to life to answer your questions on any stock, any time. 

All these benefits are 100% exclusive. Non-members will never get access to IRVING’s AI.

AI Profit Machine membership is now available for $15,000.

To apply, call 855.278.9191 or +1-561-409-8591 from overseas, Mon-Fri, 9:00-5:30 Eastern.


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Al Qureiyeh built an algorithm that beat the stock market by 11-to-1 at a multibillion-dollar hedge fund. Now, here at Weiss Ratings, he’s the lead analyst on our AI-based stock prediction model that has shown to beat the S&P 500 Index by 51-to-1.

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