All-Weather Portfolio

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The All-Weather Portfolio is a service that shows you what to buy with your core, keep-safe capital in good markets and bad.

Dr. Martin D. Weiss personally took the lead role in creating and implementing this major investment strategy for your core portfolio.

This strategy starts with our proprietary Weiss Ratings and adds in a proprietary algorithm. This helps us pinpoint the stocks that offer the ultimate in safety in profit potential.

This helps us narrow our list to the top 0.1% of stocks on the market.

Out of some 13,340 stocks available to trade, that only means about 10 or so make the cut each week. And if one slips, even by a small margin, it’s instantly rotated with the one that beats it.

Another major component of potential returns comes from the accompanying ETF portfolio. What we recommend investing in depends on whether our model says we are in a bull or bear cycle.

Because this service is designed for your core, keep-safe capital, we also recommend a healthy cash position.

Your membership includes our stock and ETF buy signals, plus the recommended allocation to each.

In other words, all you have to do is follow our signals to own the ultimate in quality, safety and profitability at any given time.

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Gavin Magor directs a global team of research analysts and data scientists to ensure that the 53,000+ Weiss ratings continually meet the highest standards of independence and accuracy. He oversees 10 separate mathematical models, designed to evaluate stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, banks, insurance companies and more.

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