Gavin Magor

| Director of Research & Ratings

Gavin Magor directs a global team of research analysts and data scientists to ensure that the Weiss ratings of 53,000+ investments and institutions continually meet the highest standards of independence and accuracy.

He oversees the data collection, development and maintenance of our six ratings divisions: Weiss Stock Ratings, Weiss ETF Ratings, Weiss Mutual Fund Ratings, Weiss Bank Ratings, Weiss Credit Union Ratings and Weiss Insurance Ratings.

Gavin has a more in-depth working knowledge of our ratings models ... and how to improve upon them ... than anyone on Earth. He understands the inner workings of our ratings so well, he can often anticipate, ahead of time, when a stock’s rating is likely to rise or fall.

This made him the natural choice to lead our Weiss Intelligence Portfolio service, where he helps members harness the power of the Weiss Ratings for safety and profit potential.

Separately, he also manages five other Weiss Ratings computer models to evaluate the relative safety of (1) banks, (2) credit unions, (3) life and annuity insurers, (4) health insurers and HMOs, as well as (5) property and casualty insurers.

Thanks in large measure to his efforts, Weiss Ratings has often earned accolades for warning consumers ahead of time about virtually all bank and insurance companies that subsequently failed, while steering them to institutions that have remained strong even in the worst of times.

Gavin received his MBA at the Open University in the UK. He worked for the police department and went on to join the Royal Air Force. In between, he worked for a company that was building computers for the "Big Bang." That is, the deregulation event that would usher out 300 years of open outcry on the the London Stock Exchange and usher in the new world of digital, screen-based trading.

He joined Weiss Ratings in 2008 as a senior research analyst after 20 years in international operations and banking. He's been our director of research since 2017. 

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