New Crypto Wonders

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Weiss Ratings turned the crypto world upside down when we released the world’s first ratings of cryptocurrencies in 2018.

Since then, Bitcoin alone has helped create countless millionaires and even billionaires. And we should see that continue with all the forces that are conspiring to drive Bitcoin and select altcoins even higher.

But for the opportunity to build the kind of monumental wealth that early Bitcoin investors experienced, one needs to explore a sector of the crypto world that almost no one has ever heard of.

In New Crypto Wonders, your editors Juan Villaverde and Dr. Bruce Ng zoom in on this small group of unique, rare cryptos. They identify the ones that are best positioned to burst out of the digital shadows and become part of the next generation of leaders. And they use the proprietary Crypto Timing Model to select the best times to buy and sell them.

We’re talking about cryptos that are still small and trading for pennies, but that could collectively create even more wealth than Bitcoin ... and do so much more rapidly.

New Crypto Wonders is probably the only investment service in the world dedicated exclusively to helping investors find these opportunities.

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About the Editor

When econometrician and pro trader Juan M. Villaverde first applied his algorithms to Bitcoin years ago, he discovered a regular cyclical pattern. And he has since used it to build the world’s first crypto timing model based on cycles. Thanks to his analysis, the Weiss Ratings team has accurately picked the top and bottom of major crypto booms and busts.

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