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Mark Gough is an entrepreneur and futurist. He has over a decade of experience as a technical analyst in commodities, equities and cryptocurrencies. 

He’s navigated the crypto space almost as long as Bitcoin has been around. He uses that experience and knowledge to look past sentiment to keep pace with the ever-shifting market. 

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Mark accurately called Bitcoin’s top in the previous bull cycle. And at the bottom, he set out six new targets for BTC over the course of this bull cycle. Sar far, three have been hit, with a fourth not far off. 

Beyond his timing skills, Mark also has an eye for impressive crypto projects. He was one of the initial 316 seed investors for Render Network (RNDR, “B”), the crowd-sourced graphics rendering platform that has been a leader in the crypto AI sector. 

He holds degrees in Data Analytics from Dublin Business School and in FinTech Regulation and Compliance from Technological University Dublin.

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