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Commodities are among the most valuable of asset classes because they embody needs, not wants. Among them: metals, materials, agricultural goods and energy. Investors must recognize and appreciate the magnitude and diversity commodities bring to their portfolios.

Neither trading experience nor large amounts of capital are required to take advantage of the ongoing trend in skyrocketing commodity prices. Resource Trader was created to help investors — of all experience levels and portfolio sizes — to "mine" for profits in the commodity markets.

Senior Analyst Sean Brodrick, editor of Resource Trader, predicts that in the next few years, gold will reach $5,000 per ounce and silver will surpass $125 per ounce. He believes the greatest profit potential is in select mining companies — junior explorers, developers and miners that are often overlooked by Wall Street.

As a Member of Resource Trader, you’ll have the opportunity to capitalize on Sean’s proprietary trading signals, and to make the kinds of trades and subsequent returns that have defined his quarter-century trading career.

In 2020, gold surged to its all-time high and silver nearly tripled in value. Even old gold mining stocks soared almost 100%. But according to Sean, that’s nothing compared with what’s coming next — the greatest resource boom in modern times, one that will provide investors with the opportunity for profits of up to 1,500% and potentially more.

Resource Trader has adapted to this expanded commodity bull market, and as a result, Members have reaped multiple gains.

Every week, Sean introduces them to short-term opportunities throughout the broad commodity market. He also helps investors build a core portfolio of longer-term holdings in precious and base metals, minerals, fossil fuels, foodstuffs and other commodities that keep increasing in price as demand swells.

Resource Trader is the best way to play the next leg up in gold, silver, energy, agriculture and every other commodity as the sector powers higher.

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About the Editor

Supercycles aren't daily occurrences. They happen in stages and can last for years. Sean Brodrick identifies them early and mines for the most financially sound stocks within them. And he taps into the powerful Weiss Ratings to help him do it.

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