Strategic Options

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Some options traders seek to make big profits.

Others go for a high percentage of wins.

Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning analyst Jon Markman is among the tiny minority that has achieved both and done so consistently — every year since 2012.

He uses the Weiss stock ratings to help select the stocks. He targets strictly those with the best trading volume and trends. Then he picks calls (or puts) for purchase that are near the money with three to five weeks to expiration.

If you had faithfully followed his trade alerts, all issued in real time, you could have achieved overall portfolio growth of…

152.3% in 2012
155.7% in 2013
25.2% in 2014
115.2% in 2015
52.2% in 2016
95.2% in 2017 
212.6% in 2018
20.2% in 2019
109.1% 2020 and
55.2% in the first half of 2021.

That’s an average of 104.3% portfolio growth per year — all with no 20/20 hindsight, no cherry-picking and no complex options strategies.

Follow Strategic Options, and you should have the opportunity to go for similar results in the years ahead.

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About the Editor

Jon D. Markman and team are winners of the Pulitzer Prize and the Gerald Loeb Award. He helped introduce Microsoft’s StockScouter, the world’s first online stock-screening system. And in the early 2010s, Jon correctly predicted the four major tech megatrends — mobile computing, big data, AI and AVs — that now dominate the world.

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