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Both BTC and ETH are trying to reclaim previous support.
The crypto market may look bearish in the short term, but a spot-price ETF could make it crazy bullish in the long term.
Here’s why I suspect BTC’s support of $45,500 will hold.
Bitcoin has regained all the value lost in so far in 2022 and is now eyeing even higher levels.
ETH broke above the top of its recent trading range a few days ago. Now, we’re waiting for a retest to confirm its strength.
How ever the markets react to the upcoming FOMC meeting, large influencers seem to be more vocally in favor of crypto.
In both the U.S. and Europe, talks of crypto regulation are impacting market sentiment and halting the momentum we saw last week.
Crypto finds itself at the forefront of Russia’s war on Ukraine, with donations surpassing $13 million so far.
While current price action may make sense for traditional risk assets, the market’s current reaction to European tensions shows institutional investors’ fundamental misunderstanding of crypto.
With the first of 2022’s expected rate hikes on the horizon, how will the crypto markets react?
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