The Most Valuable Commodity?

Whether it’s gold, silver, uranium or oil, there’s one “commodity” that’s worth more than all of them combined …


And it’s their health and well-being that matter most of all.

Recently one of my molars started to ache. A lot!

I’ll spare the gory details, but do you know what I saw in my visits to two dentists and an oral surgeon?

How crowded their waiting rooms are!

Sure, I’m in Florida, which is God’s waiting room. But man, the medical industry is booming.

A massive cycle is at work here …


The population over age 85 is going to double in 20 years. You know what older folks do? They get sick. A LOT!

And if they have the money, they spend it. I have a chart for that, too …

Someone over 85 spends an average $34,800 per year on healthcare, according to 2015 data from the Centers for Medicare.


Maybe the government picks up some of the tab. Maybe insurance too. But you know it’s going to be paid.

Yet healthcare stocks have underperformed so far this year. How come?

Well, Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris have been pushing “Medicare for All” … replacing private medical insurance with single-payer coverage from the U.S. government.

But it’s a classic case of investors’ political biases getting the best of them. Because there’s almost no chance of this legislation being passed.

Democrats are unlikely to win a Senate majority in 2020 large enough to push it through. And even if they did, powerful lobbying groups would stop it in its tracks.

But that’s not the only reason health stocks are about to turn around …

With one of the tightest labor markets in history, employers are using healthcare benefits to attract more full-time workers than ever!

And the biggest beneficiaries are healthcare Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

In fact, medical properties are inflating faster than any other real estate sector.

One healthcare REIT in particular caught my eye, and I recommended it to my Wealth Supercycle readers … for the second time in the past year.

It’s hospital-owner Medical Properties Trust (NYSE: MPW).

Hospitals are essential for emergencies, intensive care and expensive high-end procedures.

Hospitals generate strong revenues for the leaseholder (like REITs) … even if the beds aren’t filled.

The company’s largest tenant is Steward, the largest private, for-profit hospital system in the United States.

And it’s expanding its international reach with the acquisition of 11 Australian hospitals.

And it’s a bargain now, trading at only 6.5 times earnings.

AND it’s growing its already hefty dividend.

My Wealth Supercycle subscribers banked 14.97% profits the first time around on MPW in under five months.

Plus, they’ve banked 10 gains in a row on my recommendations!

Needless to say, they’re happy campers!

To find out more about MPW and the other investments on our hot list …

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All the best,


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