Wealth Wave

Money doesn’t grow on trees. But wealth does grow in waves. Sometimes they’re giant tsunamis that can change the world as we know it. More often, they’re megatrends that most investors underestimate till it’s too late: The electric-vehicle revolution. The digital transformation. The rise of “Modern Monetary Theory.” The return of double-digit inflation. And many more.


Deutsche Bank says worst could be over, with additional selloffs unlikely.
Private equity investment is becoming more popular with billionaires than ever!
Investors aren’t waiting. They’re buying the best pot stocks with both hands. And I can tell you why.
I’ll make my case in three charts.
The market just can’t seem to mount a rally, and it’s crucial for investors to realize what’s actually going on.
With unemployment running at around 3.6% and continuing claims near a 50-week low, sales of robots are surging.
The good news is you can buy recession-resistant stocks … and I’ve got a bargain-bin special for you today.
Food inflation is a staggering 10.1%, and with grilling season in full swing, I’m sure you noticed your cookouts are a lot more expensive this year.
The S&P 500 just closed out the worst first half of the year since the Beatles disbanded. That was in 1970!
U.S. oil reserves hit the lowest level since 2014! (Just barely enough to cover 21 days of U.S. oil demand.)

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Widely known as the Indiana Jones of natural resources, Sean has sifted through terabytes of data and traveled tens of thousands of miles in search of companies that can make a transformative difference in the lives of investors. With his boots-on-the-ground experience, he visits mines, meets executives in person, discovers hidden opportunities and reveals pitfalls that investors should avoid.

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