How to Literally “Drive” Your Profits

by Nilus Mattive
By Nilus Mattive

I’ve always been a bit of a car nut.

When I was in elementary school, I had a huge collection of Matchbox and Hot Wheels. I studied them in great detail and could tell you the make and model of just about any car on the road.

Later, as a preteen, I would pore over issues of the DuPont Registry — memorizing the prices for all of the various exotic cars for sale each and every month.

And once I got my driver’s license, that enthusiasm translated into a series of real-world vehicle purchases — many of which resulted in actual profits as I traded my way in and out of everything from a Volkswagen bus to a Lotus Elise.

In some cases, however, I clearly sold out too soon. 

Consider the 1997 Land Rover Defender 90 that I bought brand new. It was one of the last 300 to be imported into the United States … an extremely rare vehicle with a huge cult following.

I drove it for several years and then sold it for a modest profit just above my original $40,000 purchase price. 

Today, there’s an identical one for sale near my house for more than $110,000.    


I have all kinds of similar stories about cars I simply didn’t have enough money to buy, too.     

But the point is simple — while most vehicles start losing value the minute they’re driven off a dealer’s lot, plenty of rare and desirable models actually INCREASE in price quite substantially.

Like fine art, luxury watches or vintage bottles of Bordeaux, these vehicles are trophy assets — rare tangible stores of value that owners can enjoy … show off … and use to keep pace with, or exceed, inflationary forces.

In fact, according to Knight Frank research, collector cars have been one of the best-performing assets of the last decade …

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As a category, collector cars rose 25% last year and increased 185% over the last decade.  

And some of the world’s most desirable cars did far better than that. 

Take the Ferrari 250. 

One example of a 1964 250 LM — the LM stands for “Le Mans,” the famous race that Ferrari won with this vehicle — sold at auction for $17,600,000. 

Think that’s crazy? 

Last year, a 1955 Mercedes 300 SLR became the world’s most expensive car when it sold for a staggering $143 million.

Like Ferrari’s 250, this special coupe — one of only two in the world — is a beautifully designed car with a strong tie to racing success. 

And it’s not just vintage cars.

Look at the 2004-2006 Ford GT sports car, which paid tribute to Ford’s famous GT40 that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans race four times in a row during the 1960s. 

The company originally planned on making 4,500 — but only ended up producing 4,038. The suggested retail price was $139,995 before options … though some early cars sold for premiums over sticker.

Today, they go for roughly $500,000. 

Or what about the McLaren P1, which contained state-of-the-art Formula 1 racing technology and was produced in very limited numbers from 2013 through 2015?

I had the chance to check one out in person while I was test driving a McLaren 650s. The sticker price was more than a million dollars. 

Right now, you’d be hard pressed to find a used P1 for less than $2 million.     

Imagine buying an amazing car … enjoying everything it had to offer for the next ten years … and making a cool million along the way!

My point is that some of the best investment gains you can imagine come from “Off-Wall-Street” assets. 

In my Weiss Crypto Investor, Members already know just how lucrative these alternative assets can be. I urge you to check out my latest presentation, where I specifically tell you about three such opportunities.

Best wishes,

Nilus Mattive

About the Contributor

Nilus Mattive is the editor of Weiss Ratings’ flagship Safe Money Report and also its Weekend Windfalls service, which is dedicated to generating up to $1,000 a week through the process of selling options.


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