VIDEO: Big Tech Is Gearing Up To Break Out


Most investors would hardly describe these past few months as comfortable. 

In fact, for some, this cycle of corrections, selloffs and volatility has been painful.

Inflation hovering above 8% and speculation of a looming recession have only added to concerns.

The key now is to make sense of the scenarios likely to unfold in the coming weeks and months across financial markets.

Because as Senior Analyst Jon Markman says, “Asset prices look forward and so should we.” 

He sees volatility as “a sign of future re-rating of stocks” — a future that could bring hefty rewards for those investing in companies poised to rally the fastest.

And Jon would know. He’s been writing about transformative megatrends for decades. 

Even with the broad market sliding, investors signed up with his trading services are currently sitting on triple-digit open gains!

Jon is behind four newsletters, including The Power Elite, where he recommends profitable companies that dominate a niche.

His philosophy is you don’t have to buy a big basket of sucker stocks for the sake of diversification. Instead, you can hold a select group with durable margins to hold long term.

Members of The Power Elite are sitting on open gains of 123.13%, 117.59% and 117.58%.

Jon is also the editor of Weiss Technology Portfolio, focusing on firms making waves in the great Digital Transformation that’s affecting nearly all aspects of our lives.

Investors with that premium service are sitting on open gains of 314%, 267.16% and 266.52%.

While macroeconomic concerns are affecting the technology sector in particular, Jon says high quality tech stocks will soon regain their strength, and now is the time to capitalize on any price weakness.

He says a number of companies are using this time to build, scale and innovate and will likely outperform once the market turns bullish:

The digital transformation is not dead. It’s not even sleeping.

Just in the last six months, obviously, it’s turned upside down and looks like a poor investment prospect. But this is just short-term thinking.

There is no turning back on cloud computing.

In fact, “the big dogs” are focused on building out their current infrastructure. They’re spending billions on new chips, new software, new engineering, new capabilities to empower their data centers.

They’re investing in these areas, regardless of the economic cycle, regardless of the stock cycle.

So, I think people should be confident in continuing to invest in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Jon believes that this period of corrections is crucial for the growth of top corporations in the space.

In this special four-minute video segment, Jon talks about these “big dogs” and how they’re using this period of pullbacks to their advantage.

He says their ability to consume smaller companies during bear markets allows them to maintain their edge — and continue trailblazing — while keeping competitors on the defensive.

Jon also believes the market will soon stabilize, despite some bumps in the road:

Recessions are very rare events. They rarely happen throughout economic history, and they almost always happen because the Federal Reserve has made a mistake of some type.

You can ask me, “Has the Fed made a mistake this time?” And I would say, “Yes.” 

They probably waited too long to start to withdraw liquidity from the market. And they waited too long to start raising interest rates.

But even if they started too late, they can still be successful and bring us into a soft landing — which is the phrase du jour — and at the same time, do it without bringing the economy to a full stop, or reversal.

We may actually see that the Fed has decided it’s pleased with its progress, so far, in lowering stock values in a way that would be persistent throughout the summer and into the Fall.

And if that’s the case, then the Fed can stop thinking about raising interest rates to the extreme levels that the bears are most worried about and start thinking about what to do when this rate cycle is over.

Some experts say that the market is already not only discounting the current rate hiking cycle but has already begun to discount the potential for a decline in rates.

In this insightful video, you’ll see and hear about:

  • More than a handful of tech companies set to rebound, or already rising.
  • What a “successful soft landing” will look like heading into 2023.
  • A “key takeaway” for investors in this late-cycle environment.

And more!

The information in this short segment couldn’t be timelier. Just go to the video box above to watch it now.

Happy investing! 

Jessica Borg 
Financial News Anchor 
Weiss Ratings

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