VIDEO: What Weiss Analysts Are Thankful For

Before we get to today’s special video segment, I want to thank you — our readers, viewers and subscribers — for letting us illuminate the market trends, monetary policies and assets we think are most impactful on your investing endeavours.

It is our privilege to help guide you to fruitful investments that will bring you and your family wealth, hopefully over generations.

Today we’re checking in with six of Weiss Ratings’ senior analysts to discuss investments they feel thankful for.

You’ll hear from:

In this five-minute video segment, our experts identify sectors experiencing explosive growth, as well as stocks thriving in this “money flood” environment … even with interest rates remaining low and inflation at its highest in 31 years.

With growing concerns about inflation, many investors are turning to cryptocurrencies and the world of decentralized finance (DeFi).

Joel Kruger is thankful that a vibrant new asset class has emerged from the crypto revolution: NFTs.

NFTs are blockchain-based tokens that can represent any type of digital file, from art to music to videos — even virtual real estate.

Joel comes from traditional finance — he’s been a foreign exchange (forex) trader for nearly two decades — and says NFTs, particularly digital art, should appeal to investors across the board:

What I say to people is that if you look at economics and have a global macro appreciation for financial markets — you look at commodities, you look at equities, you look at currencies, you look at bonds — you’re drawn to these markets because of the volatility around them and the opportunity around them.

Without that, it becomes less interesting to a lot of people. This is no different.

This is a new market, a new asset class, so it’s effectively an emerging market and I’m very optimistic long-term.

In this insightful video, our analysts discuss:

  • An exchange-traded fund (ETF) heating up the “energy metals” market.
  • A soaring company in the retail sector.
  • A tech company taking a big bite out of the food services industry.
  • How to generate up to $1,000 in weekly income.
  • Bitcoin (BTC) as the “collateral layer” of the crypto sphere.

And more!

The information in this segment couldn’t be timelier.  I suggest you watch it now.

And let us know if you have any questions about the three-letter asset class everyone is talking about: NFTs! Joel will answer your questions and show you how to take advantage of the new and improved Weiss Ratings website

There is a ton of data and analysis at your disposal, and we’ve made navigating it easy to do.

Happy investing! 

Jessica Borg 
Financial News Anchor 
Weiss Ratings

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