Chris Graebe

| Startup Investing Specialist

Private Equity Deal Hunter

Chris Graebe is a leading early stage investor and educator in the private deal funding space.

His specialty is finding red-hot, breakthrough companies and investing in them before venture capitalists get in.

Chris was an early investor in companies like ThisWayGlobal, an artificial intelligence firm with breakthrough technology that landed them lucrative partnerships with none other than Google and IBM.

He invested alongside Mark Cuban in Beat Box, a beverage company that’s grown like wildfire.

He also got into an early stage deal for MC Squares, BEFORE it was featured on “Shark Tank” and before they received an investment from billionaire Kevin O’Leary.

So far, Chris has invested in over a dozen companies worth a combined $400 million and counting. And he’s rejected thousands more.

When he finds a promising startup, he visits their executives, tours their warehouses, kicks the tires on their products and interviews their clients. He also works with the portals that connect these companies with potential investors, to add extra layers of research and validation.

Bottom line: Chris knows all the players in the private-equity space. And they call him because he knows a great deal when he sees one.

When he finds a truly remarkable private company, he introduces it to his followers. Over the past few years, Chris has helped private companies raise over $12 million, including as a lead investor.

As the editor of Deal Hunters Alliance, he introduces Members to private companies that have the best potential of turning nominal investments into memorable wins.

When he’s not interviewing founders or researching the next big idea, be can found spending time with his wife and five kids.

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