Jon D. Markman

| Megatrends Analyst

Award-Winning Visionary

The ultimate prize for financial writers is the Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism. For other reporting, it’s the Pulitzer Prize.

Jon D. Markman and his team have won both.

He writes about megatrends that will transform the world of tomorrow and make investors richer today.

For example, when Jon was managing editor of Microsoft’s MSN Money, Microsoft published his landmark book, Online Investing, the first to introduce average investors to investing on the Web. Plus, he helped introduce Microsoft’s StockScouter, the world’s first stock-screening system run entirely by computers.

Later, when Jon joined Weiss Ratings, he correctly predicted the four major tech megatrends that would later dominate the world: Mobile Computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Vehicles. Sure enough, all four helped create great new fortunes for investors.

Thanks to his credentials and awards, Jon has direct access to the CEOs and founders of some of the world’s most innovative companies and openly shares that intelligence with his subscribers. He is the editor of four Weiss Ratings publications: Pivotal Point, The Power Elite, Weiss Technology Portfolio, and Crisis Profit Trader.

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Stocks are on the slide.
Inflation fears in 2022 have dominated the news cycle. But it is now clear that one American fast-food company has a fix.
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Bulls limped out of the gate on Monday following news of Chinese lockdowns and renewed supply chain worries. The S&P 500 slid 1.5% to 3,694. The loss erases all the gains from last week and sets...
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Stocks are falling today on concerns that China may have to tighten its COVID-19 curbs further.
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Gloomy morale and bleak macroeconomic forecasts are raining down on big tech. There may be a silver lining for investors, though. Alphabet (GOOGL) may cut as many as 10,000 jobs, according to a...
The bullish narrative around decentralized finance is collapsing, and it is a big opportunity for legacy incumbents.
The bullish narrative around decentralized finance is collapsing, and it is a big opportunity for legacy incumbents.
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Stocks rise as investors respond to Fed officials indicating they may slow their tempo.
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Changes in narratives are more important than macroeconomics, corporate earnings, and the Federal Reserve. Changes in narratives move markets.
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Bulls simply hung around on Monday, waiting for the opportunity to pounce. The S&P 500 finished at $3,950, a loss of 0.4%. Bears will argue that all these minor losses, now 2% during the past...
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