The last price achieved by a seller at 00:00 UTC.

Closing Price

The average price of a cryptocurrency on the exchanges used by Weiss at 0.00 UTC (also known as Coordinated Universal Time)


Cryptocurrencies that do not exist, in any capacity, on the blockchain of another cryptocurrency, using instead their own network. Also referred to as “native coin,” or “digital ledger.”

Coin Supply Minted

The total number of coins in circulation.

Coin Supply Total

The maximum number of coins that could be minted.

Coins Minted

The total number of coins in circulation.

Common Screens

Screens created for you using commonly used data. See Screen.


Short for Cryptocurrency; see Cryptocurrency.

Crypto Rating

Using proprietary rating algorithms, each Weiss Crypto Rating (ranging from A+ to E-) is based on four separate models: (1) technology, (2) adoption, (3) reward, and (4) risk. Separately, the first two models are combined to provide a Tech/Adoption Grade for a long-term perspective, while the latter two are combined to provide a shorter-term Risk/Reward Grade.

Crypto Screener

A system that allows you to filter and sort cryptocurrencies by various fields. See Screen.


An encrypted digital asset used as a secure means of exchange. Both production and exchange of these assets are digitized to regulate the generation -- and verify the transfer -- of units of the asset. These may be coins or tokens.


Pick and choose what cryptos to include on your screen. Search by name or symbol.

Weiss Ratings