Video: Double Your Money with This Altcoin

Each week, the Weiss Crypto Sunday Special brings you informative video content on the hottest macro trends in crypto.

But this week, we’re doing something a bit different.

This week, host Chris Coney is narrowing his focus to one red-hot crypto that could double your initial investment. In fact, it already did that — and then some! — for our Weiss Crypto Portfolio subscribers.

Alex Benfield, this week’s guest and contributor to Weiss Crypto Portfolio, explains what about this altcoin caught his attention: “I knew that not a lot of people had heard about this coin. Not that many people had exposure to it yet. And it had really been listed on Coinbase not that long ago.”

So, when this little-known crypto tripled its price in a month, Alex recognized the opportunity.

This fits the cryptocurrency markets to a tee. A lot of people already think that they're too late. They've missed out on all the profits, and they don't look at the future potential of the assets of the trading. I think my previous experience in the markets helped to make this trade because I wasn't blinded by the past returns. I was focused on the potential future returns we could get out of this trade.

In this exciting interview, Alex and Chris discuss …

  • The development, future growth and user sentiment behind this tiny altcoin with big potential.
  • How the Crypto Timing Model — the tool behind all our crypto trades — works to seek out the best trades … and the best times to get in.
  • What goes into picking a trade for our crypto products.

And more!

To get the name of this up-and-coming altcoin, and to learn more about our Weiss Crypto Portfolio, watch the full interview now.

And, if lesser-known altcoins with big profit potential sound interesting, I recommend you check out Marija Matic’s Undiscovered Cryptos. Subscribers to this service are currently sitting on open gains of 246%, 147% and 140%. Click here for more information.


Beth Canova
Managing Editor

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