The market has shifted into neutral as we await the next CPI release and the upcoming FOMC meeting.
The scene is being set for a significant crypto market bottom.
Despite the mixed performance across the broad crypto market, this sector is making a strong showing.
Smart contracts hold you 100% accountable to the agreement you make, with no exceptions.
Optimism surrounding a potential Fed pivot could help pave the way for the next rally.
While CEXes can be a valuable entry point into crypto, nothing beats self-custody.
Periods of capitulation may be shrouded by negativity, but they can be a bright indicator of better things to come.
Crypto wallets are the keys to self-custody.
All eyes are on Nexo to see if it can survive the FTX contagion.
What attracts many to crypto is that it’s largely run as a free market system, allowing for the freedom to innovate and improve.
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