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For those nearing or thinking about retirement, nothing is more important than preserving wealth and establishing a steady income stream.

Safe Money Report aims to help investors do that with safety-oriented investments that can deliver the perfect combination of protection, regular payouts, plus capital appreciation potential.

More than half a century ago, Dr. Martin Weiss founded his research and ratings company to help investors build their wealth safely.

Soon after, he launched Safe Money to deliver actionable ideas based on solid financials, steady earnings growth, market-beating yields, and high Weiss safety ratings.

Safe Money Report has been a family affair since its inception.

Martin’s father Irving Weiss started out as a stockbroker in 1928. Irving built his reputation telling his clients to stay away from the stock market or get out entirely. He built his legacy by identifying weak and potentially failing companies.

This research served as foundation for the Weiss ratings as we know them today. And it inspired Martin to dedicate his life’s work to becoming an advocate for average investors and savers.

In the early days of Safe Money Report, Irving wrote a column, “Irving’s Corner,” to help investors relate Martin’s commentary and recommendations to lessons from the past.

Today, Martin does the same for Safe Money Report Editor Nilus Mattive, who has taken the reins in identifying the best opportunities in dividend stocks, Treasuries, commodities, alternative investments and other income-generating ideas.

Nilus and Martin have worked together since 2006. They launched a pair of newsletters — Weiss Ratings’ Income Superstars and Superstar Trader, based on Nilus’ passion for finding new ways to help investors generate income — that had a successful decade-long run.

Nilus carries the Safe Money torch by continuing Martin’s legacy of guiding Members to safety-oriented investment opportunities based on solid financials, steady earnings growth, market-beating yields, generous dividends and high Weiss safety ratings.

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About the Editor

Nilus Mattive is the editor of Weiss Ratings’ flagship Safe Money Report and also its Weekend Windfalls service, which is dedicated to generating up to $1,000 a week through the process of selling options.


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