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| Managing Editor

Managing Editor

Jim has been a serious stock investor since he was very young. He bought his first shares of AOL and Starbucks when he was just 14 years old. 

In 2007, he obtained a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh in Political Science with a focus in History. He knew that, where those worlds intersect with finance, there’s serious money to be made. 

After college, Jim began in small cap investing and writing at Agora Financial. His focus even then was on value investing, putting global economics and political understanding together with deep financial analysis. 

Soon he launched several income-focused newsletters, including ones that expanded into corporate bonds and selling stock options for income. This work took

He puts his knowledge of geopolitical affairs, market history, and financial valuations to work in finding the best option income opportunities no matter which market we’re facing. 

When stocks are up, down, or sideways, he knows how to help readers seek the best income ideas. And at Weekend Windfalls, he’s prepared to share that deep background and understanding with you and to put it into practice. 

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