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Crypto is on the verge of another downtrend. This week could determine the medium-term direction of this market.
Inflation is a global issue, making a significant impact in the global crypto market.
Liquidity crises are rampant in crypto right now, spooking investors ahead of the Fed’s next rate hike.
Not even the proposal to categorize cryptos as commodities could shake the hold inflation, and by extension the Fed, has on the crypto markets right now.
Bitcoin and the broad market still have a solid long-term outlook in my opinion, despite the significant immediate headwinds.
When you get bored of range-bound trading, just remember that in the face of more bearish action, neutral movements are a positive sign.
This week, I’m writing to you from the exciting atmosphere of the Permissionless Conference in West Palm Beach.
It never feels good to see the widespread impact of a project failing. But there are still key lessons we should take away from this.
Here’s why the Fed has a stranglehold not just on the traditional markets.
While Buffett’s bolstering does have weight and will likely influence some investors, there’s much more at play pushing price action right now.
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