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After a 3-month-long correction, Bitcoin’s price is finally starting to push higher.
For the third time in a week, BTC is attempting to break past the $39,000 level.
Bitcoin has shown more strength today than the traditional markets and has pushed above a key level for now. Is this the start of a short-term rally?
Fear has permeated the markets, but there are still bullish patterns forming on Bitcoin’s chart.
Bitcoin’s chart is waving a usually bullish flag. But there are other factors at play, so let’s take a closer look.
Inflation is on the rise, and with the FOMC meeting coming up, we could see the Fed push its tapering plan ahead.
Whales started depositing Bitcoin (BTC, Tech/Adoption Grade “A-”) to exchanges a few days ago, prompting a price drop which, at its lowest, saw BTC down to $41,900. Despite a modest recovery,...
Today, we’re looking at several trading indicators that could give insight into the market’s next moves.
Fear, uncertainty and doubt are flooding the market as speculators who don’t understand crypto react to the recent 80-day-cycle correction. But this fear shouldn’t undermine the bullish fundamentals t
Market-wide correction aside, we’re still in the heart of Bitcoin season, meaning the BTC still has plenty of upside left.
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