Crypto Yielding 101 w/Marko Grujic

Happy New Year! In this week’s episode of The Weiss Investor podcast, Kenny rings in 2022 with Weiss Ratings very own crypto-yielding expert, Marko Grujic.

A journalist and online poker player from Serbia, Marko was an early student of the blockchain before it hit the mainstream. Then the 2017 bull run hit … and everything changed.

What started off as a hobby became a professional calling and passion in decentralized finance (DeFi) and yield farming. Marko now provides subscribers with a crypto income strategy that could boost wealth 15x-60x faster than any method in traditional markets.

From wallets to exchanges, and stablecoins vs. meme coins, no stone is left unturned. Listen today to learn more about his unconventional journey to success and how you can benefit from his knowledge!

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