From the Bottom Up w/ Catherine Faddis

In our latest episode of The Weiss Investor podcast, Kenny speaks with Catherine Faddis, CNBC and Bloomberg contributor, as well as president and CEO of Grace Capital in Boston, which manages over $200 million in assets. 

Catherine’s lived an extraordinary life. The child of a general and diplomat in the Ghana Army, she spent much of her childhood at a Catholic boarding school in Pakistan before coming to the U.S. as part of an embassy mission.

But when a coup took out the nation’s leadership, her family found themselves without their wealth or a home to return to. And that’s just the beginning of her journey.

Learn about how her experiences helped her become the wildly successful asset manager she is today … and her current thoughts on the global economy, inflation, interest rates, supply chains, Coinbase, cashflow, Modern Monetary Theory, cooking, beekeeping and more!

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