Meet These 5 Leading Ladies of Finance

This week, the Weiss Ratings team has put together five of Kenny’s podcasts featuring the leading ladies of finance.

You’ll hear from:

  • Sue Herera, a pioneer of financial journalism and anchor at large for CNBC.

  • Callie Cox, a senior investment strategist at Ally.

  • Morgan Brennan, coanchor of CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street.”

  • And Fieldpoint Private's Cameron Dawson and Goldman Sachs Group's (NYSE: GS) Julia Ferguson, two young and very accomplished financial powerhouses.

Each of the following five episodes of The Weiss Investor brings you the latest, brightest female minds in finance.

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The Lions Are in the Elevator w/ Sue Herera

Join us as Sue Herera reflects on her remarkable 40-year career chronicling the origins of televised financial news, the birth of the greatest bull markets ever, the crash of ‘87, the dot-com boom and bust, 9/11, the great financial crisis and so much more! 


The Speed of Light w/ Callie Cox

Amidst the confusion and chaos over tapering, market corrections, cryptocurrencies, housing prices, a generation gap and the ongoing pandemic, what's the best way for a long-term investor play it cool? And how do you discuss your financial plans with your spouse/partner? Callie Cox has the answers.


Remain Teachable w/ Morgan Brennan

Morgan tells her extraordinary story of how she went from singing in a pop group to joining the world of finance. She and Kenny catch up and chat about the challenges the next generation of investors face today, including automated global markets, income inequality and the “casino mind-set.”


Women's Panel w/ Cameron Dawson and Julia Ferguson

Cameron and Julia share their stories and discuss the growing and changing roles of women in the markets. This is a subject near and dear to Kenny's heart: His wife was a trailblazer who smashed the New York Stock Exchange's glass ceiling in the 1980s, and his daughter also works in the sector.


It’s Not Transitory w/ Sue Herera

Kenny and Sue dive headfirst into inflation, COVID-19 variants, the supply chain and the price of food and gas. Plus, the two discuss Federal Reserve Chair Jay Powell and the central bank’s tough tapering spot, the difficulty of networking in the virtual space vs. in person, interest rates, raising kids, Christmas sales and much more.

Until next week,

The Weiss Ratings Team

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